List of Grey's Anatomy Relationship Names

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List of relationship names
FandomGrey's Anatomy
Name type(s)portmanteaus
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This is a list of pairings and moresomes in the Grey's Anatomy fandom. Portmanteaus and ship nicknames are particularly popular in this fandom.


Relationship Characters Portmanteau, Nicknames, Etc.
Addison Montgomery/Meredith Grey Addison Montgomery/Meredith Grey Meddison
Amelia/Arizona Amelia Shepherd/Arizona Robbins Amezona
Arizona/Callie Arizona Robbins/Callie Torres Calzona
Cristina/Meredith Cristina Yang/Meredith Grey MereCris
Cristina Yang/Teddy Altman Cristina Yang/Teddy Altman Teddina


Relationship Characters Portmanteau, Nicknames, Etc.
Addison/Derek Addison Montgomery/Derek Shepherd Addek
Addison/Mark Addison Montgomery/Mark Sloan
Alex/Izzie Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens Izzex
Alex/Jo Alex Karev/Jo Wilson Karev Jolex
Amelia/Link Amelia Shepherd/Atticus "Link" Lincoln Amelink
Andrew DeLuca/Meredith Grey Andrew DeLuca/Meredith Grey Merluca
April/Jackson April Kepner/Jackson Avery Japril
Ben/Miranda Ben Warren/Miranda Bailey
Cristina/Owen Cristina Yang/Owen Hunt Crowen
Derek/Meredith Derek Shepherd/Meredith Grey MerDer
Jackson Avery/Lexie Grey Jackson Avery/Lexie Grey
Henry Burton/Teddy Altman Teddy Altman/Henry Burton Tenry
Jackson/Maggie Jackson Avery/Maggie Pierce Jaggie
Lexie/Mark Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan Slexie
Owen Hunt/Teddy Altman Owen Hunt/Teddy Altman Towen
Teddy Altman/Tom Koracick Teddy Altman/Tom Koracick Toddy


Relationship Characters Portmanteau, Nicknames, Etc.
Alex Karev/George O'Malley Alex Karev/George O'Malley
Derek/Mark Derek Shepherd/Mark Sloan
Jackson Avery/Mark Sloan Jackson Avery/Mark Sloan
Levi Schmitt/Nico Kim Levi Schmitt/Nico Kim Schmicco, Schmico
Levi/Travis Levi Schmitt/Travis Montgomery


This list includes crossover relationships with characters originating from the spinoff series, Station 19, as well as other fandoms.

Relationship Characters Portmanteau, Nicknames, Etc. Gender Category
Maya Bishop/Carina DeLuca Maya Bishop/Carina DeLuca Marina F/F