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Pairing: Nico Kim x Levi Schmitt
Alternative name(s): Schmicco, Schmico
Gender category: M/M, slash
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Common
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Nico Kim/Levi Schmitt, often smooshed as Schmicco or Schmico, is the canon M/M pairing of Nico Kim and Levi Schmitt on Grey's Anatomy. On Archive of Our Own, it is the most popular ship in the fandom[1]; however, this statistic is highly limited in scope due to the higher prevalence of slash on AO3[2] compared to other fanwork and fic archives,[3] as well as the large amount of fic for earlier seasons on and elsewhere.


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The pairing has some detractors who are happy with the portrayal of Levi Schmitt as a gay man, but think he is incompatible with Nico or that Nico is a toxic partner.[4] schmico-fanatic sums up the arguments against the ship as:

"The Schmico haters’ reasons for calling Nico toxic are that he doesn’t talk about his feelings, forced Levi to come out to his mom while he himself lied about being out to his parents, only uses Levi for sex, and is rude and emotionally abusive to Levi."[5]

schmico-fanatic goes onto argue in their meta that these claims, "are invalid or exaggerated arguments."[5]

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