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Linger Death is a fanon term that fans use to describe the death of a Vulcan who was in pon farr, but was somehow unable to make it to Vulcan to claim a mate.

The term was never used in canon but it became a fairly standard phrase among fans of the time, the mid-1970s. This phrase and concept had its origins in Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Kraith series.

Examples of Use

  • "It seems odd to me that a short time after the Manual #1 called for a Linger Death story that one should come out in this form. I wish I had seen it before you printed it, though I don't know if you'd have wished to try to fit into Kraith. At any rate, I am honored that you chose to use two of my terms in your story regardless of which of the Kraithish universes you may be writing in." [1]


  1. a letter by Jacqueline Lichtenberg from Menagerie #2 in 1973