Lines in the Sand

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Title: Lines in the Sand
Publisher: Platt and Laymon
Criterion Press
Editor(s): Mary Platt & Kathy Agel?
Date(s): 1994-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Lines in the Sand is a gen Rat Patrol anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1
call sheet in issue #1 for the episode "the Do-Re-Mi-Raid"

Lines in the Sand 1 contains 239 pages and was published in May 1994. Mary Platt, artist, won a 1995 FanQ for art in this zine.

  • The Fall of Eagles Raid, part 1 by Mary A. Platt ("It's 1944 and the Rat Patrol must liberate from the Gestapo a group of German officers who have conspired to overthrow Hitler--among them, Colonel Hans Dietrich. (5)
  • The Liquid Gold Raid by Cynthia Liljeblad ("Moffit becomes addicted to morphine. Will he endanger the entire Rat Patrol? (39)
  • The Do-Re-Mi Raid by Don Brinkley ("Propmaster's white copy of the original script. (49)
  • The Mercy Mission Raid by Deborah June Laymon ("A missionary doctor in North Africa must choose between her head and her heart as she is caught in an emotional whirlwind sparked by two strong men: Sam Troy and Hans Dietrich. (93)
  • The First by Cynthia Liljeblad ("Tully's first taste of battle in North Africa is a real trial by fire. (135)
  • The Sins of the Father Raid by Deborah June Laymon ("The Rat Patrol must rescue Dietrich's half-Jewish sister-in-law--the woman he once loved--and her children from the SS. (141)
  • The Wall, Passim by Rebekah Lang ("The Berlin Wall falls. (240)

Issue 2

Lines in the Sand 2 was published in May 1997 and contains 197 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • The Rats in a Trap Raid by Anne Collins Smith ("Dietrich finds a way to outsmart the Allies' Road Watch technique. Can the Rats find a way to outsmart Dietrich?") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (9)
  • The Toll of the Desert by Cindy Barwin ("A disastrous encounter with Dietrich's forces leaves Troy wounded and Hitch a prisoner. Meanwhile, a German colonel has had an American general's daughter kidnaped to blackmail her father.") (19)
  • The In-Between Raids Raid by Anne Collins Smith ("Orders arrive from HQ and the Rats speculate on what this episode--er, mission--will entail.")) (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (88)
  • The Fanzine Beat (A listing of Rat Patrol fanworks appearing in mixed-media zines.) (90)
  • Remembrance, poem by Kathryn Agel ("Moffitt remembers the desert before the war, and those whom he has lost to the war, and why he fights.") (94)
  • The Friends in Need Raid by Sue Collins ("When Archangel is flung back in time by an experimental device, Hawke and Caitlin must go back to Libya in 1942 to rescue him. Airwolf crossover.") (95)
  • Reflections on a Desert Sunrise by Kathryn Agel ("Dietrich reflects on the bitterness of his duty and his dedication to it. Poem. (122)
  • Dietrich by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about Hauptmann Hans Dietrich.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (123)
  • Moffitt by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about Sgt. Jack Moffitt.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (123)
  • The Rat Patrol by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about the team and their adventures.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (123)
  • Troy by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about Sgt. Sam Troy.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (123)
  • Favorite Characters by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about the appeal of the Rat Patrol characters.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (124)
  • Hitch by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about Pvt. Mark Hitchcock") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (124)
  • The Real Thing by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about the real LRDG.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (124)
  • Tully by Anne Collins Smith ("A limerick about Pvt. Tully Pettigrew.") (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (124)
  • The Down and Dirty Raid by Laurie Cohen Fenster ("It's 1944, and Lt. Troy is sent to Normandy with what he thinks is top secret information. But Col. Hans Dietrich has been alerted to expect an agent's arrival. Garrison's Gorillas crossover") (125)

Issue 3

cover by Chari Wessel

Lines in the Sand 3 was published in May 2000 and contains 168 pages. Chari Wessel did the cover and inside art.

  • The Arabian Nights Raid by CLH Wessel ("The Rats travel into the deep desert to seek the help of a powerful sheikh, but Dietrich's there for the same purpose.") (2)
  • The Erinyes Raid by L.C. Wells ("At the loss of her younger son, Mrs. Moffitt cries out for vengeance.") (69)
  • The Long Walk Home Raid by Starr ("Wounded and separated from the others in a raid, Hitch is left to make his way back to Allied lines on foot. Winner of a 2001 FanQ.") (reprinted in Desert Star) (82)
  • The Plane and Simple Raid by Elizabeth Knauel & Ann Collins Smith ("Admiral Al Calavicci jumps into the body of Hans Dietrich as he goes into an SS headquarters to rescue Hitch and a young German.") Quantum Leap crossover. (89)
  • The Second Chase of Fire Raid by Cynthia K. Taylor & Judith B. Wolford ("Sequel to the pilot in which Troy deals with his feelings about Moffitt stealing his girl.") (115)
  • Inheritance by Jean Coleman ("Dietrich comes to admire a young American woman who has inherited her grandparents' home in occupied Holland.") Winner of a 2001 FanQ. (reprinted in A Dietrich Trilogy: Inheritance, Divided Loyalties and Miles to Go) (119)