Limp!Sam Awards

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Name: Limp!Sam Awards, limp_sam_awards. Holiday Limp!Sam Awards
Date(s): 2008
Frequency: Once
Format: Popular vote
Type: Fanfiction
Associated Community: Limp!Sam Fanfiction Archive
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: limp-sam-awards
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The Limp!Sam Awards were awards for fanfiction in Supernatural fandom, focused on the Limp!Sam trope. The fanfiction was nominated by fans, and the winners were determined by online vote. The awards only occurred once in 2008.


Category Winning Fic Author Banner
Most Original Limpness The Art of Losing Faye Dartmouth
Limp!Sam Most Original Limpness.jpg
Best Motel Room Fix-up All I Needed to Hear Weesta
Limp!Sam Best Motel Room Fix-Up.jpg
Best Hospital Visit Lifeline Harrigan
Limp!Sam Best Hospital Visit.jpg
Best Unhinged Disorder Kohadril
Limp!Sam Best Unhinged.jpg
Best Oxygen Deprivation All Locked In authoressnebula
Limp!Sam Best Oxygen Deprivation.jpg
Best Bloody Mess Children Shouldn't Play with Sharp Things kyriebess
Limp!Sam Best Bloody Mess.jpg
Best Curse/Bewitching When You Put Your Arms Around Me Kroki-refur
Limp!Sam Best Curse.jpg
Best Limp!Dean MRSA Janissa11
Limp!Sam Best Limp!Dean.jpg
Best Intubation When You Put Your Arms Around Me Kroki-refur
Limp!Sam Best Intubation.jpg
Best Broken Bone As Night Comes on geminigrl11
Limp!Sam Best Broken Bone.jpg
Best Illness The Common Cold WinchesterHaunt
Limp!Sam Best Illness.jpg
Best Abduction The Art of Losing Faye Dartmouth
Limp!Sam Best Abduction.jpg
Best Head Wound Lil' Sammy SciFiNutTX
Limp!Sam Head Wound.jpg