Like A Fox

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Title: Like A Fox
Author(s): klutzy34
Date(s): 14 November 2015 - 01 June 2016 (update chapter 28)
Length: 44,646 words
Genre: gen fanfiction, WIP
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Like A Fox (AO3)

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Like A Fox is a Hawaii Five-0 story by klutzy34.

Summary: A year before Danny moved to Hawaii, an attack on a stakeout gone wrong left him with one hell of a secret: he's a werefox. For six years, he managed to keep the secret from everyone until an attempt on Steve's life required him to shift and out himself to his partner and best friend. A series of ficlets about the Five-0 team and their Jersey werefox.

Recs and Reviews

The following is a list of McDanno recs whose shared theme is only that they make me very happy and that I’ve read several times and still enjoy immensely. [...] Like a Fox A fic in which…. adorableness is had everywhere, it’s just adorable times twenty fucking thousand, OMG OF COURSE DANNY IS A FOX.[1]


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