Light & Darkness

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Title: Light & Darkness
Publisher: Reylo Anthology
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2017
Medium: PDF
Size: 20 pages
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: PDF download
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Light & Darkness is a Reylo art zine published in 2017. It was made available as a free PDF file.


This is the second half of our celebratory release for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Light & Darkness was created as an open-submission project for fans of Rey and Kylo Ren, with two themes up for interpretation: “Light” and “Darkness”. Submissions for the project were closed on November 15, 2017. Much like The Duality of Balance, this artbook is focused on the relationship of the two characters around who the sequel trilogy focuses.

Each artist presents a different vision on their section, perhaps as how the story might have gone in different universes (or galaxies). Light & Darkness compares and contrasts how certain interpretations of the two sections can indeed be very similar, but can also differ in their directions.

We hope you enjoy Light & Darkness, an artbook brought to you by the Reylo Anthology.


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