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Fan Club
Name: Liberation, Ltd.
Dates: 1988-?
Country based in: Chicago, ILL, USA
Focus: Blake's 7
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Liberation, Ltd. was a Blake's 7 fan club based out of Chicago, Illinois.

They were founded after the 1988 Scorpio convention and went on to sponsor their own Blake's 7 con, SomaCon.

Club dues were $8 a year.

In 1994, they were described on the Lysator mailing list:
"In the list of B7 clubs posted a week or 2 ago, I noticed a reference to the Chicago group "Liberation." They were a pretty active bunch for a while & put on several fun cons (SomaCon) and also a letterzine & several issues of a genzine. But as of last year, they had disbanded. No more group, no more zines. (Since I was always an out-of-town member, I have very little idea why, or what any of the formerly-active members have been up to since then.) I also don't know who, if anyone, can now supply copies of their zine (A Plain Man's Guide to Alien Invasion vols. 1-2, I think) or if it's gone OOP & unavailable. It's a shame when a good group dissolves like this, but it does happen..."[1]



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