Liberation (Blake's 7 anthology)

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You may be looking for Liberator, a Blake's 7 fiction zine of Liberator Popular Front Club."

Title: Liberation
Publisher: Cyndi Hubb
Editor(s): Cyndi Hubb
Date(s): 1990-1991
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Liberation is a gen Blake's 7 anthology containing fiction, a series of pieces that form a single story, by Jean B. Hubb. The art is also by Jean B. Hubb.


From Bill Hupe: "After the dust settles on Gauda Prime, Vila, Soolin, and Orac, left to survive on their own, meet Jared, a bounty hunter and odd jobs man. With his aid, they rescue Avon from Servalan. Later, they meet a Blake clone, and encounter with Jenna, etc..."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Liberation 1 was published in 1990 and contains 135 pages.

  • Restoration ("After the dust settles on Gauda Prime, Vila, Soolin and Orac, left to survive on their own, meet Jared, a bounty hunter. Jared has no idea what he is letting himself in for when he accepts the bounty on Avon plus Scorpo's unusual accessories in exchange for help. But, where is Orac's key. Come to that, where is Avon?") (1)
  • Places to Go ("One down, one to go. Avon is found, but without Orac's key. our searchers contend with an old enemy; Jared learns that Avon is a less than desireable houseguest; and everyone faces an unknown future.") (32)
  • The Weapons Fair (reprinted from Avon the Terrible) ("'The familiar figure of Avon carrying Orac broke up and faded away... because you're afraid, it's... temporary,' said Soolin... Yeah... maybe we should have sold him,' [said Vila].'" Why would a weapons manufacturer hire a known criminal to secure the files on its newest weapon, Omega? Why are several shady characters, including "an infinitely desireable' woman, tracking Avon?") (55)
  • Omega "(Jared accepts two contracts. How will Vila and Soolin react when they learn the object of the contracts? Who really profits from Omega?") (89)
  • Crystal Shining Bright ("An unhappy and put-upon Vila takes an unexpected trip. With everything a man could want instantly available, will he want to return? If he does, will he be able to return?") (122)

Issue 2

Liberation 2 was published in 1990 and contains 135 pages.

cover of issue #2

The author's note reads in part: "The following stories are sequential. Like the television series each story stands alone, but frequently within one will be the seeds of the next. And like the television series, the sequence is projected to conclude; although perhaps not so ambiguously nor in thirteen stories. Part 2, for which there is an announcement at the end, is almost completed. Part 3 still sits in my head......"

  • Conversations-- An Interlude (1)
  • No Life Lives Forever ("'Mind is the reality of a human being. The body is an encumbrance. Its demands distract, ultimately it decays...' Immortality,' breathed Avon... 'Immortality, an immortality of pure mind, in which the acquisition of knowledge will never end.'") (9)
  • Dead Men Rise Up Never ("'... a hearty voice from off to the side said, 'Welcome to our home...' Vila and Soolin turned to face the voice and the outstretched hand... Six feet, robust frame,brown hair, infectious grin. 'I'm Roj Blake,' said the apparition. Vila's knees buckeld.'...") (35)
  • The Weariest River Winds Somewhere Safe to Sea ("... [the dog] rose up before him, ambled forward, sniffed, stood on its hind legs, placed his paws on Avon's shoulders, and opened his mouth. Avon stood stock still. 'Down Raja.' The dog dropped to all fours.'Do you really want to be kissed?' asked Thetys. 'Not -- by him.' Avon smiled.'") (68)
  • Keeping Secrets * Out of the Here, Into the Nowhere ("'[Garth] leaped on [Soolin's] last word. 'Us! Exactly who is 'us'? What does ol' super-brain have to do with your group? I though that was Jared's operation. Instead you run around in circles when he speaks. What's your relationship, Soolin?' Stunned by this outburst, she stared at Garth. 'Avon is a friend. I value his counsel. Our relationship is none of your business.'") (83)
  • Out of Here, Into the Nowhere (129)

Issue 3

Liberation 3 was published in November 1991 and contains 135 pages.

From the Author's Note:
This is the conclusion of the Liberation series because I feel that I have exhausted this storyline. It is time to quite before I repeat the plots. The series did not end quite as I expected; in fact, my daughter had thought I was going to kill everybody off. I seem, however, to have been as ambiguous as the TV series was, which may mean that B7 is a myth for its fans, and a myth cannot be killed.
  • Personnel Problems (1)
  • Phantoms (27)
  • Unfinished Business (42)
  • Interval (80)
  • An Act of Grace (92)
  • Author's Note (131)
  • Answers to Questions You Didn't Know You Had (132)