Letters from the Northern Continent

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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Letters from the Northern Continent
Author(s): The Hoyden
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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"Letters from the Northern Continent" is a Star Trek: DS9 Garak/Bashir story by The Hoyden.

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

The Hoyden burst into the G/B Livejournal scene with this amazing piece of work. It's a long-ish post-series story in which Julian is on Cardassia, half a world away from Garak. [1]


Sweet post-series fic in which Garak's running the Cardassian government and a more mature Bashir takes a leave of absence to work in a medical facility there. Excellent character voices and an intriguing look into what Bashir didn't see all those years before he became more familiar with Cardassian culture. [2]


Another classic. I have yet to meet a G/B fan who didn't love this. So read it. [3]
This is one of my fave Star Trek fics ever, seriously. I could read this a dozen times a week and still enjoy it. [4]


Thank you for an engaging read! I particularly liked the world building and the way the story doesn't brush aside cultural differences and their implications for the communication between these two. Very enjoyable, I will definitely re-read this! [5]
This is fantastic! I am such a fan of your writing. I've only watched a few episodes of Deep Space Nine and had to look up who Garak was (I couldn't remember his name) before reading this, but thanks to you I am now totally in love with this pairing. In this story, I especially enjoyed the details and subtleties of Cardassian culture, and Julian discovering all that he'd missed or misinterpreted in their relationship. ("And he never put his hands on your shoulders?" - brilliant!) [6]
This is, without a doubt, the best Garak/Bashir fic ever written. I reread this whenever I crave the best story of this pairing. The same as I do when I splurge for the finest chocolate or go to my favorite restaurant. You tie up the two characters lives just as they should go not as the powers to be left them, which utterly wasted any of the decent writing done during the series and the wonderful actors who made do with what they were given. If only Paramount had the intelligence and guts to end it this way!! Thank you for writing what we all needed for closure. [7]
I got to listen to this in podfic form when I was on the bus the other day, and it was utterly satisfying and wonderful. I can't articulate all my thoughts and feelings, but this is believable, well-written, and warming in every way. [8]
I've only just gotten into DS9, and so far have only seen one Garak episode at all, but a friend convinced me to read this anyway - and I'm so glad I did. My heart would not stop stuttering every time Julian watched one of Garak's messages, then just about broke when Garak asked him why he'd come to Cardassia in the hallway. And then Julian's speech - and Garak's reply - and kissing, and seeing his theniaz, and pillow talk, and the book, and SEVEN YEARS. I was tearing up by the end, augh. Pretty sure I'm going to need to come back to this as I'm watching more of the show and bemoaning the lack of actual Garak/Bashir in the show. [9]


I love everything about this story, but for some reason Julian sitting on the desk, swinging his feet absent-mindedly, and Garak putting his hand on his knee to stop him, really squeezes my heart. [10]
This story is so heart-warming and yet not sentimental, just a story about two adult men and their love. Sweet and hot, such a great combination. It's one of those an fics that are completely convincing. Wonderful dialogue as well, a few lines made me laugh out loud. The ending left me feel all warm and emotional. :) [11]
Things I love about this fic:

Julian learning Kardasi. It makes everything seem more real. It's less facile than relying on a translator, and it seems so appropriate to his character. Kevna. I can see him in my head. Kind, but tall and spare. The way he calls Julian nat'li seems right. He's probably feeling extra fatherly these days, if the general shortage of children is as prevalent as it seems. Speaking of which, the way you convey the desolation of post-war Cardassia is so real. I love the small moments you include, like the children playing in the ruins of a building. Societies adapt; it's fascinating to see how. Julian learning Cardassian customs, and how to read Cardassian manners, and how to tell how old a Cardassian is. You've done such an amazing job of showing, not telling. Garak's voice is perfect. Wordy without over-talking. Cardassian beauty standards, and the concept of the theniaz. Julian swinging his feet as he perches on the circulation desk. Forehead-pressing. I just love it. Julian's reason to come to Cardassia. Sweet and neat, and beautifully written. "I never understood anything." Heartbreaking. Garak reacting to Julian's declaration by being extremely pissed off. Exasperation seems like exactly the right response. And their meeting is marvelous, and you've written it just right.

In short (too late?): I gush, I gush. This is headcanon for me now. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. [12]
Set post series during the rebuilding of Cardassia after the war Bashir and Garak are removed from their usual social setting and yet still very much themselves. The idea that even when on the same planet they are still so far away they have to rely on technology to communicate adds some extra anticipation to the UST they had on the show. It fits with their personalities and their relationship that it takes them so long to really understand each other. [13]


I am speechless. This was absolutely amazing. Both characters are *so* spot-on, and their romance is so organic and effortless. Just, wow. Your writing, your dialogue, all of it is just unbelievable. And then end! I was totally breathless from the moment Garak responded to Julian's confession. And the sex was so achingly gorgeous because of all the perfect emotional build-up. Loved it. Thank you so much! I love this pairing but often get frustrated because people don't get the characters quite right, or try to force it. Thanks for rekindling my love of these two! [14]
I remember watching DS9 with my mom as a kid, and I have vague memories of it. I sort-of remember Bashir and Garak, though I have no memory of their relationship. So when, two days ago, I saw this story recommended to a friend, I decided I would bookmark it until later, when I'd had a chance to refresh. For some reason, I started reading anyway. Despite knowing next to nothing of their backstory, I found this to be an utterly moving, beautiful story that had me crying halfway through it. I've re-read it twice since. I'm so happy that I found it, and I can't thank you enough for writing and sharing it.[15]


I reread this regularly, and it never fails to make me blush and giggle, and feel honest goodwill for the world. Thank you for this. [16]
Oh my GOSH! This was wonderful! You so beautifully capture the struggle of a battered world (and couple) finding their home and rebuilding with hope! The thought of Garak resuming his duties as a tailor for Julian touched my soul. Loved it! Thank you for this lovely piece! [17]


Holy hell. I want to leave a well thought out response to this amazing fic, but I'm afraid that culminating sex scene has me flushed up to the hairline! Well done, my dear. That was hot as hell. I definitely share the Cardassians' appreciation for well-defined collarbones.

Whew. Well, now that I've collected myself a bit... I really love the cultural environment you've established on this version of Cardassia. It's a great blend of post-war devestation and a society that's trying to hang on to tradition, but also attempting to make a move to a more optimistic future. Does that make sense? Kevna was a great addition. I enjoy that Cardasdian practicality mixed with sarcasm - and the fact that he isn't going to put up with any shenanigans from Julian! It was a delight to read him.

I also really admire the way you had Julian slowly coming to terms with previously unfamiliar cultural cues in his and Garak's relationship. It was nice to watch that progression, going from their earliest encounters on the show (really, Garak - touching his shoulders right off the bat?) to this vision of Post-Canon Cardassia.

Fantastic read. Thank you for sharing it with us. [18]

*happy crying noises* This is the first Garashir thing I've ever read and it's SO good. Soooooo GOOD. I couldn't even pick a favorite line, though "stalking is not attractive" and the message Garak sends telling Julian to get his fine ass over there are definitely top of the list. The way you described the planet and the culture and traditions and physicality and differences and just everything! It was such solid sci fi writing, as well as an epic romance. And you wrote such a wonderful Garak, which is so hard to do since he's so complex and fundamentally dishonest about everything, feelings included. But their love came across so authentically and fitting with their characters - I'm just transported with joy, to wax a little poetic.

I'm so glad this fic was my introduction to this wonderful pairing! [19]


i've probably tried to leave kudos on this piece 20 times only to be reminded that i've already left kudos. I adore this story, its sweet, funny, and you do such a great job of balancing the tension/reveal. thank you! [20]


I just finished DS9 and ahh, this is perfect. I one-hundred-percent believe that Garak has been flirting with Julian for seven years and Julian was too much of an oblivious munchkin to notice. [21]


The relationship develops so naturally. It’s almost haunting to read. [22]


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