Les Bleus, premiers pas dans la police

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Name: Les Bleus, premiers pas dans la police
Abbreviation(s): n/a
Creator: Alain Robillard, Alain Tasma et Stéphane Giusti
Date(s): 2006-2010
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: France
External Links: n/a
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Les Bleus, premiers pas dans la police is a French cop show that aired between 2006 and 2010, on M6. The show included a pilot TV movie and four seasons.


This TV series focuses on five young recruits in the French police in Paris, who are all from very different backgrounds:

  • Laura Maurier
  • Lyes Beloumi
  • Kévin Laporte
  • Nadia Poulain
  • Alex Moreno

Other characters are very important in the show: family, friends and mostly their colleagues (some of them acting as mentors throughout the show). Three more "probies" (the French translation of "les bleus" in that case) show up in the later seasons:

  • Christophe Leconte
  • Amy Sidibé
  • Elina Volkova


Despite awards delivered to the show and one of his actors (Mhamed Arezki portraying Lyes Beloumi) in both 2006 and 2007, and a solid audience, the show was cancelled in 2010, which puzzled more than one person.

In terms of reception, it seems that the gay couple formed by Kevin Laporte and a Captain, Yann Berthier, is the ones that provoked most fan creations, especially in terms of fan videos, as it can be found on Youtube. Kevin/Yann videos can be found there by the following vidders: Teiubesc8, adapei, Emiilouze and drewsarichanfgirl.

Another Kevin/Yann video was featured during Wincon 2011. Indeed Feels Like Someone Cares by French vidder Aruna7 premiered during Vidshow #6 and draw many people to be intrigued and interested in Les Bleus, premiers pas dans la police, even though the TV show is only available in French up to that day.