Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Name: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Abbreviation(s): Ninjago
Creator: Michael Hegner, Tommy Andreasen[1]
Date(s): 2011-
Medium: Animated TV Series
Country of Origin: Denmark, Canada[1]
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, also called Ninjago and Lego Ninjago is an animated TV series produced by Lego. The series follows a team of Ninjas in their fight against evil.

The Lego Ninjago franchise also includes an animated feature film, a Lego theme, and companion books, the most notable being the Dark Island Trilogy.


Throughout the 13 seasons, the main team of Ninjas fight numerous enemies. However, Lord Garmadon (Lloyd's father) is a consistent antagonist and occasional reluctant ally throughout. The team of six ninjas are all friends with each other, although some relationships stand out. Jay and Nya, two Ninjas, are in love and they unofficially married in Season 10. Lloyd and Sensei Wu have a close familial relationship.

The pilot episodes deal with the re-awakening of primary villain, Lord Garmadon. Garmadon's second in command, a skeleton monster named Samukai, betrays him. The first season features Garmadon's son, Lloyd, of whom awakens the serpentine tribes, and then is betrayed by them and becomes the green ninja. Season 2 revolves around Garmadon's attempts to destroy Lloyd.

Main Characters

  • Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon
  • Kai Smith
  • Jay Walker/ Gordon
  • Nya Smith
  • Cole
  • Zane Julien
  • Master/Sensei Wu
  • Lord Garmadon

Recurring Characters

  • Ultra



The Ninjago Fandom has multiple popular ships. Oddly enough, Lord Garmadon features fairly often in shipping, but mostly with original characters.


  • Jaya (Nya/Jay)
  • Conya (Cole/Nya)
  • Ronya (Ronin/Nya)
  • Misadon (Garmadon/Misako)
  • Podium (Wu/Misako)
  • Pixane (Pixal/Zane)
  • Llorumi (Lloyd/Harumi)
  • Lloykita (Lloyd/Akita)
  • Greven (Lloyd/Seven)
  • Nantonia (Nelson/Antonia)
  • Colnia (Cole/Vania)
  • Kailor (Kai/Skylor)


  • Bruise (Cole/Jay)
  • Glacier (Cole/Zane)
  • Plasma (Kai/Jay)
  • Opposite (Kai/Zane)
  • GreenFlame (Kai/Lloyd)
  • Lava (Kai/Cole)
  • Techno (Zane/Jay)
  • Coliel (Cole/ Seliel)
  • Roneth (Ronin/Dareth)


  • Cole/Kai/Jay Walker/Zane

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