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Fan Club
Name: Laura's Cavern
Dates: 1993-1998?
Founder(s): Sue Haley
Leadership: operated under the umbrella of the UK Chambers
Country based in: UK and US
External Links: info on the group here, along with the newsletters
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Laura's Caverns was a UK based group that offered assistance to hearing impaired Beauty and the Beast fans at fan run events. They also published a newsletter by the same name. Meetings were held at the UK Chambers two annual events Winterfest (UK) and Masques. Membership hovered around 30 with a high of 50.

From an ad in volume 3 Of Love and Hope:
"This is a group of fans of Beauty and the Beast who are also interested

in Sign Language. You do not have to know any Sign Language to join and having joined, you do not have to learn Sign Language. There are currently 73 members, including six members of the cast of Beauty and the Beast; Armin, David, Edward, Jay, Ritch and Roy. Myhr (Jamie) is also a member! 27 members live outside the UK, mostly in The USA but also in Australia, Germany, Italy, Malta and Norway. I keep a folder of information about Sign Languages of other countries sent to me by members as well as an album of photos of members at cons etc. Whenever possible I take these with me to cons for people to see. There is often a presentation by Cavern members at cons. In 1993 at Masquerades (Birmingham) we Signed Sonnet 29 which was spoken for us by Armin Shimerman. At Masquerades '94 (Sheffield) and at Masques '94 (Northampton) several members Signed scenes from Beauty and the Beast to the recorded soundtrack. On other occasions I have Signed a song or two. There will be a Sign Language workshop at A Moment In Time in Manchester in May '96 which will cater for absolute beginners as well as those with some Signing skills. There will also be a Signed presentation in the evening.

The group is co-ordinated by me (Sue Haley) with invaluable help from my USA Liaison, Melissa Prideaux. My good friend Amber James gives `technical' support when time permits. There are no `formal' meetings. (Whenever members are together that counts as a meeting) There is no membership fee. Newsletters are issued two or three times per year and take the form of a chatty letter. Members who can receive this by e-mail pay nothing. Those who receive it by snail mail send me $1 (or IRCs or UK postage stamps) to cover the cost of

sending it."