Latitude: Twenty Degrees North

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Title: Latitude: Twenty Degrees North
Medium: print
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
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Latitude: Twenty Degrees North is an adult het SeaQuest anthology with at least four issues.

Issue 1

Latitude: Twenty Degrees North 1

Issue 2

Latitude: Twenty Degrees North 2

Issue 3

Latitude: Twenty Degrees North 3

  • When Heroes Stray
  • other unknown content
cover of issue #4

Issue 4

Latitude: Twenty Degrees North 4 was published in 1999 and is 432 pages long. It may be a novel.

From an ebay seller, issue #4: "is an adult alternate universe all-Bridger fanzine with a new story about a favorite Captain: Farewell and Adieu. . It is the direct sequel to When Heroes Stray from Issue #3 of Latitude. Malcolm Lansdowne is a guest aboard seaQuest to assist Kristin Westphalen with experiments to determine how Bridger and his assistant, Caitie St. George, are able to establish a mental link with Darwin. Before the trials can be completed, Bridger’s tolerance is put to the test by the unwelcome presence of Secretary-General Andrea Dre’ s Favorite newscaster, Liana Hays. Nathan no sooner gets the irritating reporter off the boat with a courtly flourish than he is ordered to sail to the Baltic Sea for a dangerous military mission which proves to have grave, although at times humorous, consequences. The tale ends at Bridger’s island where Nathan and Caitie try to say farewell to Carol’s ever-present ghost. Meanwhile, Lucas struggles to gain some perspective about what makes Captain Bridger tick and tackles an identity crisis with Nathan’s dead son, Robert."

Issue 5

Latitude: Twenty Degrees North 5 was published in 2000. According to an online flyer it contains "10 new Bridger stories and is 175 pages."