Late for the Sky

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Title: Late for the Sky
Publisher: Irene Shafer and Bella Richards
Editor(s): Irene Shafer
Date(s): 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Roswell
Language: English
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Late for the Sky is a gen 200-page anthology. It is the first Roswell zine published.

From the 2002 flyer posted to "Roswell's one and only fanzine, LATE FOR THE SKY, filled with original fan fiction, drawings and computer art. Originally published in 2000, this collection of Roswell-inspired stories quickly sold out in its first run. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the requests kept pouring in, so in 2001 a second print run was done. There are now only 2 copies remaining and there will be no 3rd run." [1]

  • THE WIZARD OF ROZ - by Golden Tabasco Award nominee, Bella Richards. You all know the story of Dorothy's adventures in Oz, right? Well, try to imagine our Maria as the reluctant Dorothy, Michael as the Tin Woodsman, Max as the Scarecrow, Alex as the Cowardly Lion, and Isabel as Glinda the Good Witch. Humor ensues.
  • CRASH AND BURN - by Kathryn Bognar, better known as Cotti. A deeply moving tale set to Sheryl Crow's intense lyrics. We won't spoil the conclusion by revealing the point of view, we'll just warn you to keep some tissues handy as you read.
  • LATE FOR THE SKY - by Irene Shafer. This future fic, which echoes the title of the fanzine, is set after the battles on Earth have ended. Max readies himself and his family to finally return to their home, but he just can't go without seeing Liz one more time.
  • COLORBLIND - by Ashley Lane, a GTA nominee and Roswwellian Choice Award Winner. Hands down the Roswell ficdom's Mistress of Suspense! It's been two years since Destiny and Liz is a different person, in a different town, with a different life. But she's never stopped loving Max or wishing things could be the way they used to be. If only Max could step out of her dreams and back into her life. If only it weren't so dangerous for all of them.
  • SANCTUARY - by Fehrkitten, yet another GTA nominee! A stirring, very possible alternate reality in which it's Michael that's drawn to Liz - and the sweetness and exploration of their relationship. UC at its very best.
  • TOLD ME SO - by loki, another (you guessed it!) GTA nominee! A short gem from Maria's perspective, told as only loki can tell it.
  • THE LONG WALK INTO HIS ARMS - by Elizabeth, onne of Roswell's best fan fiction writers, and the winner of several Roswellian Choice Awards. A poignant future fic, as Michael and Maria return to Roswell on a pilgrimage of sorts.
  • ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO - by Joy Elizabeth Watson, an Orb Award Nominee. This future fic finds Isabel not quite ready to let go of the one boy who loved her for the beautiful girl inside.
  • EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE & WHERE DO YOU GO - by Stephie Cooke. Two stirring post-Destiny POV pieces from the author of "Going Like Elsie." Again, we don't want to spoil the impact of these lovely stories by revealing too much, but they deal with destiny and desire and the acceptance (or denial) of each. Stephie has really outdone herself here!
  • CLOSER STILL - by Jennifer Liles, whose well-known "Closer" is echoed in this new Michael and Maria story.
  • WHEN IN ROSWELL - by Mnemosyne, aka Melissa R. Mistaken identities wreak havoc in the lives of our favorite Roswell residents.
  • ABSENCE OF FEAR - by Ashley Lane. A very special moment between Michael and Maria.
  • SIREN SONG - by Joy Elizabeth Watson. A thought-provoking Maria POV. In the years following Destiny, Maria discovers both a talent and a curse.
  • UNLEARNING TESS - by Fehrkitten. Tess has a few things to learn about being human, and Kyle is just the person to teach her.
  • THE NIGHT WILL NEVER STAY - by Kathryn Bognar (our very own zebra, Cotti). A bittersweet future fic where Isabel returns to earth after many years to see Alex.
  • DESTINY-FREE. REALLY. - by Irene Shafer and Catherine S. A Buffy/Roswell crossover in which Buffy and Max discuss that pesky thing: destiny.
  • SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT - by Kara Larson. It's a rainy day in Roswell and 5th graders Maria, Liz and Alex are bored. Roswell Elementary at its best; sweet, funny, insightful and touching.
  • JUST US GUYS - by Emily Cogan. Another fabulous Roswell Elementary, in which our three aliens are determined to spend a night camping out in the Evans's backyard. Isabel has different ideas, though. . .
  • STICKY FINGER FOOTPRINTS - by Mnemosyne. Maria Deluca has always had a knack for getting herself into trouble. Lucky for her, there's always been a certain someone to look out for her.
  • (SCENARIO FOR A) PERFECT GOODBYE - by Elizabeth. A bittersweet Tess POV in which she ponders her past life with Nasedo.
  • SWEET SURRENDER - by Ashley Lane. From her summer retreat in Florida, Liz is confronted with her real purpose in Max's life.
  • THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO ROSWELL - by Kris Blackwood, better known as Laneybug. An amusing parody where Alex proves, once and for all, that he is a god. . . with a bass, anyway!


  • WATCHING YOU - by Lezlee Brinkman (A/I)
  • THE BEACON - by Kara Larson (ALL)
  • AMOR FATI - by Brooke Ryan (M/L)
  • WAITING ROOM - by Irene Shafer (M/L)
  • DESTINY'S CALLING - by Bella Richards (M/M)
  • STARLIGHT, STARBRIGHT - by Kara Larson (M/I)
  • STARS - by Kara Larson (M/M)


  • Late for the Sky cover art by Rosmarie Tribuzi
  • Illustrations to Colorblind and Late for the Sky by Dawnie Vaughan
  • Illustrations to Sanctuary, The Long Walk Into His Arms, and All This and Heaven Too by Connie Shoemaker
  • Illustrations for The Night Will Never Stay by Kathryn Bognar
  • Computer Art and Poetry Illustrations by Almassy
  • Cartoons for Wizard of Roz by Lynn Morton


  1. ROSSWELL Fanzine - LFTS - ONLY 2 LEFT!!! - available on eBay dated December 30, 2002.