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Name: Laramie
Creator: Revue Studios
Date(s): 1959-1963
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia
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Laramie was a Western that ran on NBC from 15 September 1959 to 21 May 1963. The television series followed the life of Slim Sherman (played by John Smith), who runs a stagecoach stop for the Great Central Overland Mail with the aid of his hired hand, Jess Harper (Robert Fuller), a drifter trying to live down a shady past.


There is a large fan website devoted to Laramie, Annie and Jennifer's Great Central Overland Mail and Stage Stop.[1] The site includes a survey of the show's history, episode guide, top ten lists, and various fan resources. These include a collection of publicity photos, screen captures, comic book covers, and entertainment magazine covers.

Fan Fiction

The Great Central Overland Mail and Stage Stop includes a moderately large section of fan fiction that archives stories from 2002 to the present. Many stories mimic episodes of the show; others are prequels, especially into Jess Harper's past. There is a strong emphasis on the close buddy relationship between the two protagonists. However, although—from the perspective of an outsider—this has obvious slashy potential, the archive does not contain slash fiction.


  1. ^ The contents of this website used to be spread over two GeoCities sites, but were merged and moved when Yahoo! closed GeoCities in 2009.