Land of Confusion (Professionals vid)

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Title: Land of Confusion
Creator: Katharine Scarritt
Date: 1980s?
Format: VCR
Music: "Land of Confusion" by Genesis
Fandom: Professionals
URL: offline

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Land of Confusion is a Professionals fanvid by Katharine Scarritt. In 1the 1980s and 1990s it was listed by many fans as one of the 'vids that defined the show' for them.



Speaking of video associations, I'll always associate Katharine's "Land of Confusion" with the Pros more than any other video in that fandom, and for K/S I'd pick "Wind Beneath My Wings" as the only one that's really stuck in my mind. [1]


One night I watched Eye of the Tiger (Pros, MVD) and Land of Confusion (Pros, Katherine Scarritt) back to back and was awed by the fury, speed, and most importantly control of the cuts. (In fact, true story: I hadn't seen Land of Confusion in probably a couple of years, and in the mean time, Charlotte Hill and I had started a Wiseguy version of it. Nicole and I were less than halfway through watching it when I picked up the phone, called Charlotte and told her we were starting over from scratch; what we had didn't hold a candle to what Katherine had already done... [2]


One of the vids I saw first, that caught my attention and made me go "I gotta see tapes of this show," is the Pros vid to Genesis' "Land of Confusion."[3]


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