Laidback Seven

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Title: Laidback Seven
Publisher: TASAS
Editor(s): Fran Ward
Date(s): 1982-
Medium: print, zine
Genre: het
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Laidback Seven is an adult het Blake's 7 anthology.

Issue 1

Laidback Seven 1 was published in June 1982.

  • Fran Ward, untitled
  • Fran Ward, "Birthday Boy"
  • Anna Grant, "A Night of Memories and Comfort"

Issue 2

Laidback Seven 2' was published in January 1983.

  • Fran Ward, "It Happened One Night at Base"
  • Fran Ward, "...That'll Do Nicely"
  • Fran Ward, "A Guilty Dream"
  • Fran Ward, "R & R"

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, copy

Laidback Seven 3 was published in April 1983 and contains 44 pages.

  • Anna Grant, "Love Thine Enemy"
  • Anna Grant, "Cause and Effect"
  • Fran Ward, "TASAS Women of Success" poem
  • anon, "Tarrant's Last Chance" (Servalan/Tarrant) poem
  • anon, untitled poem

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, despite the "7" on the front

Laidback Seven 4 was published in July 1983 and contains 54 pages.


  • C.S. Fairman, "The Need" (J/B)
  • Anna Grant, "Two Slaves for Two Days" (A/C)
  • T.G., "Confessions" (J/B)
  • Anna Grant and Meegat, "Mate in Four Moves" (A/C)
  • Anna Grant, "Memories and Thoughts" (past B/J, past A/C)
  • Anna Grant, "Only Time Will Answer" (A/oc)
  • Dorian, "Sacrifice" (A/oc)


  • Cally, "AVON"
  • Cally, "VILA"
  • anon, "Servalan"

Issue 5

Laidback Seven 5 was published in 1983 and contains 55 pages. An eBay seller describes it as "just smut really, no plots."

cover of issue #5
  • Ros Williams, "Heldar" (V/J, B/C, A/C)
  • Topaz, "Favours" (Servalan/T)
  • Ros Williams, "Liberator Liberated" (C/oc, J/oc,V/Servalan, B/oc, Travis/A)
  • Anna Grant and North Star, "Feelings" (A/C)
  • Teddy No. 2, "He Who Laughs Last" (A/J/C)