La Casa de Papel

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Name: La Casa de Papel,
Money Heist
Abbreviation(s): LCDP
Creator: Álex Pina
Date(s): 2 May 2017 - Present
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: Spain
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La Casa de Papel is a Spanish TV series about a group of criminals, brought together by The Professor, in an attempt to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. It was released worldwide on Netflix under the name, Money Heist.


Main Characters

  • The Professor/Sergio Marquina
  • Raquel Murillo
  • Berlin/Andres de Fonollosa
  • Tokyo/Silene Oliveira
  • Nairobi/Agata Jimenez
  • Rio/Aníbal Cortés
  • Moscow/Agustín Ramos
  • Denver/ ? Ramos
  • Helsinki/?
  • Oslo/Dimitri Mostovoi
  • Mónica Gaztambide


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Many of the criminals were better known, and in one case, only known by the city names they have chosen as aliases. This made tagging character specific content on sites like Tumblr difficult.

By March 2018, Money Heist was the most watched foreign language series in Netflix's history.[1]


Common Pairings include:

  • Sergio/Raquel, the canon het pairing of the Professor and the detective tasked with catching him.
  • Berlin/Sergio, the slash and possibly incest pairing of Berlin and the Professor. There are also gen works in this pairing.
  • Denver/Mónica, the canon het pairing of Denver and hostage Mónica Gaztambide.

Following Season 3, the pairing of Berlin/Palermo appeared, with the majority of these works set pre-canon.

Example Fanworks

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