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Title: LD50
Author(s): E. Lapidae
Date(s): 1994
Fandom: Blake's 7
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LD50 is a Blake's 7 Avon/Vila story by E. Lapidae.

It was published in Avon Calling #3.

Reactions and Reviews

A look at A and V, lovers but dying of radiation sickness, in a moment of hopelessness before Blake gets back from Ensor with the drugs. A brave attempt to treat radiation poisoning seriously, but reads like undigested textbook in parts because of this. [1]
Thanks to Ellie, we now know what LD-50 means :) (the story does actually explain it, but I totally spaced it on my first read through). Normerly I consider myself a realist, and I like realism over fantasy, but this story nearly exceeded my tolerance for realism (what a hypocrite I am!). If you want to know some of the gory details of the effects of radiation poisoning (which I think the author must have researched), this story will tell you. The Avon-Vila part is nice, though. [2]
This is an A/V about radiation poisoning so I didn't read it. [3]


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