Kowalski Is Bleeding

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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Kowalski Is Bleeding
Author(s): Speranza
Date(s): 2002-03-08
Length: 39,361 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: at Speranza's site
on AO3

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Kowalski Is Bleeding is a Fraser/Kowalski story by Speranza.

It was podficced for Podbang in 2010 by darkemeralds.

Author's Commentary

See Kowalski Is Bleeding DVD Commentary Track.

Reactions and Reviews

Vecchio's pulled out of his undercover role after Kowalski is murdered, but Fraser doesn't believe that Kowalski's dead. Includes RayV/Stella. [1]

Why You Should Read This:

RayV is abruptly called back to Chicago when RayK is murdered. Everyone is convinced RayK is dead except Fraser, who has several reasonable observations to support his point. On the other hand, everyone else is convinced of RayK’s death – including RayK’s ex-wife, whom RayV falls for. RayV is torn between convincing Fraser to move on and supporting his best friend. Speranza is a talented author as many people in the SGA fandom know, and her Due South fics are no exception. It’s fascinating to see RayV’s perspective on RayK and his relationship with Fraser, as well as the mystery about RayK and his current state and whereabouts. [2]


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