Knight in Blue Armour, or No Hope for Hutch

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Plays and Skits
Title: Knight in Blue Armour, or No Hope for Hutch
Author: a joint effort
Dates: April 27, 1991
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, Hunt Vally, Maryland
Focus: Starsky & Hutch
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Knight in Blue Armour, or No Hope for Hutch was a con skit performed at a very early SHareCon (April 27, 1991).

front cover, last names redacted

This skit is notable due to a fanwork created by Linda McGee as a thank-you for the play's participants.

The mini-zine is 17 pages long, contains many black and white photos, a summary of the play in dialogue form, handwritten asides, jokes, and lovely calligraphy. The front cover is handwritten in five colors. It is likely that there were about 10-15 produced, one by one.

Skit Summary

The characters were Starsky, Hutch, Captain Dobey, Jamie, Morrison ("Hutch's Hapless New Partner"), Molly the Maniac, and The Rescue Helicopter.

The actors were Merricat, Susan B, Sherry M, Patricia S, and Nancy G.

The skit begins in Captain Dobey's office where Starsky and Hutch are explaining why they are breaking up their partnership. Dobey is incredulous.

Starsky is angry, saying he feels suffocated and wants his own life.

Starsky transferrers to Narco, and Hutch gets a new partner named Morrison.

Hutch gets kidnapped as a hostage and shot in the shoulder. There is a running gag throughout the skit as to which shoulder he's been shot in.

It is speculated that a woman named Molly has kidnapped Hutch for revenge, along with her four dreadful brothers who mistreat him. Molly mistreats him, too, and is clearly insane.

Starsky attempts to find Hutch, deciding he really does want to be Hutch's partner. He finds him, they are both taken to the desert to be killed, and there is a lovely hurt/comfort scene as Starsky pulls Hutch into his arms.

They are rescued by other police officers, and a helicopter (fetching portrayed by a fan and her twirling ponytail).

There is a hospital scene, and an odd scene that involves a shower and a telephone.

Some Interior Pages

These images were chosen due to the fact that the faces (if shown) of these fans are obscured in some way.