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Title: Killara
Author(s): Steve Eramo, Sharon Hutchinson, Pat Brimer
Date(s): summer 1977
Genre: gen
Fandom: Space:1999
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Killara is a Space: 1999 story by Steve Eramo, Sharon Hutchinson, Pat Brimer. It is five pages long and includes an illustration by Eramo.

It appeared in Alpha Newsletter #9.

Reactions and Reviews

---3678 days after leaving Earth orbit---a guardian angel named Killara come to Alan; she was guardian to Maya's great uncle Mantor; Bill, Tony, Maya becomes a furry angel to Tony's wonderment of what his angel looks like, she recalls when Alan was 14 and was on a horse and attacked by a rabid wolf. Peter Garfold-Eagle engineer; Killara saves Alan from an explosion and leaves.[1]


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