Kick Me When I'm High

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Title: Kick Me When I'm High
Creator: Leanna (divine_sarcasm)
Date: June 2006
Music: "Kick Me When I'm High" by Sum 41
Genre: comedy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Footage: first four Harry Potter films
URL: (offline)
vid announcement
archived description

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Kick Me When I'm High is a Harry Potter vid by Leanna. It is labeled "sort of anti"-Ron/Hermione, and described by the vidder as "a short, fun, fast-paced video examining the relationship (or my opinion on the relationship) of Ron/Hermione."

Vidder's summary: "A strong couple brings out the best in each, supports each other, forgives faults, and is each other's strength. Ron and Hermione get on each other's nerves, put each other down, annoy each other to no end...but are physically attracted to each other none the less. But even that doesn't last forever."

It was reviewed by Ariss Tenoh at the reel vidding community on September 30, 2006:

Overall impression: Good idea behind the vid, needs more work though.

Titles: Fun and quirky titles that go along with the mood of the vid.

Music choice: Again, pretty funny song that makes Ron and Hermione's relationship/friendship look a little insane when you listen to the lyrics. All in a fun way, of course.

Narration, Tone and Movement: The vid has all HP movies included so it would have made more sense to have the narration follow the two's relationship chronologically for better effect.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: Nothing that I noticed but the video quality of the clips varied. Some are dvd clear, while others look like they were ripped off a BT download.

Specific vid & music notes: The "kick me" lyrics were matched to several scenes of Ron and Hermione fighting. It's amusing to see how often they are in each other's faces in a strange parody of a courtship.

Final notes: Apart from the video's quality and timeline, I didn't think it was necessary to have the vidder's name so prominently in the vid. Overall, it's a fun HP vid that has merit but needs a little work and polish.