Keeping the Stars Apart

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Title: Keeping the Stars Apart
Publisher: Reylo Anthology
Editor(s): Arriku
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2016
Medium: PDF
Size: 154 pages
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: PDF download
Keeping the Stars Apart.png
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Keeping the Stars Apart, also known as Project Fairy Tales, is a Reylo anthology zine published in 2016. It contains fanfiction and fanart.


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  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER ONE / The Deepest Secret
    • In Shadows
    • It Is Finished
    • A Man Called Winter
    • Wolf at the Door
    • Made in His Image
    • Burns
    • Lux in Tenebris
  • CHAPTER TWO / Root of the Root
    • The Sands of Jakku
    • Compassion is a Dangerous Thing
    • The Shadow of Death
    • Daughter of the Air
    • The Bird and the Dove
  • CHAPTER THREE / Sky of the Sky
    • East of All Stars and West of All Moons
    • Modern Gods of the City
    • Still
    • Pyramus and Thisbe
    • If It Were Only the Stars We'd Wanted to Conquer
    • The Fall of Prince Ben Organa
    • What We've Become
  • CHAPTER FOUR / Soul Can Hope
    • Smoke and Retribution
    • Waves Calling Her Home
    • The Prince in the Tower
    • Invisible
    • Quick with Thorn
  • CHAPTER FIVE / This is the Wonder
    • Waiting for Her
    • Crave My Heart
    • Opus No. 4
    • Sinking the Stars
    • Amidala's Star
    • Like Blood, Like Honey
  • CHAPTER SIX / I Carry Your Heart
    • Song in a Thousand Pieces
    • Of Love and the Soul
    • Three Seeds
    • Hidden in the Desert Sands
    • World Without End