Keep It Gay

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Title: Keep It Gay
Creator: bistokidsfan
Date: June 2006
Format: wmv, mpeg
Length: 14mb, 115mb
Music: see vidder's note below
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
URL: Download Links

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"Keep It Gay" is a The Professionals vid by bistokidsfan. It is a compliation of several songs listed below and was uploaded to The Circuit Archive in June 2006.

Vidder's note: "Keep it Gay is the third in the "Gay Trifecta" of Pros vids. The other two are If I Were Gay, by Enednoviel (off line), and If You Were Gay, by crimson_37.

This is a compilation vid with many songs. In order they are:

  • Keep It Gay - Soundtrack to The Producers
  • I Feel Pretty - Little Richard
  • I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
  • Macho Man - The Village People
  • Keep It Gay Reprise - Soundtrack to The Producers"