Karen Filippelli/Jim Halpert

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Pairing: Karen Filippelli/Jim Halpert
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Office
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Minor
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Karen Filippelli/Jim Halpert is a canon pairing in the US version of The Office


Karen was introduced in the third season of The Office, and meets Jim when he transfers to work in the Stamford Branch of Dunder Mifflin. They date throughout the season, but the canon relationship is largely used as a device to bring tension to the relationship between Jim and Pam.


The Karen/Jim pairing is the less popular side of the canonical love triangle between Karen-Jim-Pam. As Jim/Pam is the juggernaut ship of the show it is common to see Karen/Jim featured in Jim/Pam-centric fanworks where Karen and Jim eventually break up. There are fans of the Karen/Jim ship that feel the couple had potential the show didn't tap into.

"I am in the minority that feels Jim and Karen were a much stronger couple than Jim and Pam. They came together naturally and seemed to share a lot more chemistry than Jim did with Pam...Chalk it up to the writing, casting and acting, but I wish Jim had stayed with Karen...I feel like Karen would have been much more supportive of his transition into Athlead as well. After all, she did base her decision to move from Stamford to Scranton largely on Jim's request that she should, and they weren't even at a serious stage in their relationship at that point. [1]


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