Kantele: A Filksing Fanzine

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Title: Kantele: A Filksing Fanzine
Publisher: The Filk Foundation
Editor(s): Margaret Middleton
Type: fanfic
Date(s): 1978-1984
Medium: print zine
Fandom: filk
Language: English
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Kantele: A Filksing Fanzine is the first filk fanzine published. There are at least 14 issues. Edited and published by Margaret Middleton. The first three issues are in collaboration with Clif Flynt.

"Kantlee is a filk fanzine with relevant text of the usual zine type, plus songs, some with sheetmusic. A "goodie" for active (or even devoted passive) filkers."[1]
"Named for a Finnish instrument of the dulcimer family, it ran for fourteen issues, the last being dated Winter 1984-85. It was the frst to publish some enduring songs on paper, including Joe Haldeman’s “The Ballad of Orbital Hubris” and Anne Passovoy’s “Harbors.”[2]


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