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Name: Kanon
Creator: Key
Date(s): 1999, 2006
Medium: visual novel, anime, light novel, manga, OVA
Country of Origin: Japan
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Kanon is a visual novel turned anime series developed by Key animation studios. It follows the life of Aizawa Yuichi, who returns to the snowy village he used to stay in, albeit seven years later and with scant memory of past events.


Visual novel

2002 anime

The first anime spanned 13 episodes and a one-episode OAV, focusing on the five main girls and cutting out the backstories and motivations for the secondary girls barring Shiori's sister Kaori. The OAV focused on Yuichi's relationship with Ayu following the series, after the two regained their memories.

2006 anime

The reboot was 24 episodes long, focusing more on Yuichi's past connections to each of the girls and devoting more episodes to each girl's arc and her relationship to Yuichi before he finally ends up with Ayu. The animation for the second series has richer colors and softer animation lines.


The fandom is and has always been very small; the majority of its growth came from the 2006 reboot, but not by much. Sayuri/Mai was a popular pairing due to the girls being very close and shown traveling together in the Kazahana special.

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