Kankai na Fujoshi

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Title: Kankai na Fujoshi /難解な腐女子/The Puzzling Fujoshi; 腐女子三すくみにならなかった
Commentator: _k_a_o_m_o_j_i_/かおもじ
Date(s): 2017
Medium: Comic
Fandom: BL
External Links: Published on Amazon, Original Twitter thread, Pixiv log
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The Kankai na Fujoshi comics are a series of works first posted on Twitter by user _k_a_o_m_o_j_i_, depicting different "types" of fujoshi as garden animals.

The main three types are Snake, Slug and Frog, a trio based on Japanese mythology that serves as a form of "sansukumi-ken", or rock-paper-scissors games. The original comic, posted on February 11, 2017, also has three smaller subtypes: Gecko, Snail and Turtle. There were a number of follow-up comics added to the thread that depict the characters interacting. Much of the humor is based on East Asian fandom etiquette, in which top/bottom order is seen as the most important tag, and users with an AxB preference may go as far as blocking people who post BxA.

The "Kankai na Fujoshi" title wasn't used verbatim in the original Twitter thread, but the comics were later published professionally by kaomoji, and are available for purchase on Amazon.jp under the title 難解な腐女子 ~生命の数だけ性癖はある~.


After the comic was posted, terms like "slug fujoshi" and "snake fujoshi" start to appear on Twitter from users jokingly describing themselves as such, and scattered references to the comic continue to the present day. An English translation of the original drawing was posted with permission by Twitter user no_clipper, who has since gone private, leaving the original translation unavailable except through reposts. While the terminology didn't catch on as popular descriptors in English, the first comic had over 75,000 retweets as of early 2022, and it had some circulation in English-speaking circles.

The Types

The fujoshi are categorized by whether they want their favorite character to be seme or uke, whether they accept multishipping, and whether they accept reversible ships.

  • Snake: Has a fixed uke: multiships, but their favorite can only bottom.
  • Frog: Has a reversible OTP: no multishipping, but can accept switching in their favorite ship.
  • Slug: Has a fixed OTP: a favorite ship, with no switching and no multishipping.
  • Snail: Uses a mob character as seme for their favorite uke, either because there are no options in canon or because they only care about the one character. Tentacles are also an option.
  • Gecko: "Seme freak" who only wants their favorite to top.
  • Turtle: Can accept any ship in any order.

According to the original comic, the only possible interactions between the main trio are that Snake and Frog are both willing to look at posts and fanworks from Slug. However Slug, who only wants to see one ship in one order, won't look at posts from Snake and Frog. Snake and Frog are labeled as being unable to look at each other due to mutual landmines.

The Gecko character, who seems to be the seme equivalent of the Snake, is not depicted as part of the main trio because "fixed seme" fans are much rarer than "fixed uke" fans.