Kandy Fong Slide and VHS Video Shows to 1990

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Title: Kandy Fong Slide and VHS Video Shows to 1990
Creator: Kandy Fong
Date: 1990 or earlier
Format: VHS (later released on DVD)
Fandom: Multiple, see list below

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Kandy Fong Slide and VHS Video Shows to 1990 is a vid collection created by Kandy Fong of some of her both early slideshow fanvids and her later songvids shown at fan conventions from the 1970s through 1990. Some time in the late 2000s, the collection became available on DVD.

The liner notes explain: "Starting in 1975, I created hours of slide shows set to music that I would show at conventions. One night, I had access to good slide projectors. Using a friend's camera, we taped with me pushing the button for the next slide just like at a con. We only had a couple of hours, but that allowed me to transfer 7 shows. I sent Gene Roddenberry a copy of the First 4 Trek ones. After all, he had given me written permission to use him as the narrator in Time Warp! Thanks to all the friends who lent me machines, source material, and their skills."


  • A Mocked Time sung by Lou Gramm - Star Tek. Notes: mixed humorous retelling of Amok Time
  • Anything You Can Do from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" - Star Trek/Star Trek: TNG. Notes: pro editor trainee helped on this one
  • Both Sides Now sung by Leonard Nimoy - Star Trek. Notes: Many pairs of both sides, incl. slash w/help from John Fong & Linda Brown
  • Don't Go Changing sunf by Billy Joel - Quantum Leap. Notes: 1990 access to professional editing.
  • Hard to be Humble sung by Mac David - Star Wars. Notes: Took slides off magazines, etc
  • In the Air Tonight sung by Phil Collins - B7. Notes: used wedding videographer's equipment.
  • Leaving the Straight Life Behind sung by Bobby Goldsboro - Starsky & Hutch. Notes: Premiered at Koon-et-Kali-Con.
  • Marvelous Little Toy sung by dar Williams - Star Trek: TNG. Notes: all 3 premiered Koon-et-Kali-Con II
  • Midnight Blue sung by Lou Gramm - Star Trek. Notes: Kirk's last line in 2nd movie bugged me
  • No Satisfaction sung by Rolling Stones - Star Trek (K/S). Notes: ditto incl. out takes material
  • Teddy Bear's Picnic sung by Gilbert Russell - B7. Notes: ditto all 3 done 1990
  • The Way We Were sung by Barbra Streisand - Star Trek. Notes: The movies made me miss the series
  • Theme & Time Warp from Rocky Horror - Star Trek. Notes: After all, they did Shakespeare.
  • To All the Girls I've Loved Before sung by Julio Iglesias - Simon & Simon. Notes: 1st part of vid, I was a slash fan & got bored so stopped.
  • When I was 17 sung by William Shatner. Notes: pre-Trek movies
  • Where the Boys Are - B7. Notes: Like the contrast of song & images.
  • You Don't Own Me sung by Lesley Gore - Blake's 7. Notes: made 1989. B7: the Power Struggles