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Name: Kanan
Occupation: Member of the Tok'ra
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Canon Background

Not much is known about Kanan. He was a good frend of the Tok'ra Thoran.


He infiltrated Ba'al's secret base, and while doing so, he fell in love with Ba'al's lo'tar (Shallan). When he later were blended with Jack O'Neill (to cure him of an Ancient disease), he was affected by O'Neill's wish to never leave anyone behind. O'Neill was very much against the Tok'ra as a whole and in particular the idea of being a host, and Kanan decided to lock him out totally until he could get another host. It was probably also distressful to have a host that hated him and considered him little better than a Goa'uld. He used O'Neill's body to go to rescue his beloved, but they were discovered and pursued. He left O'Neill's body before they were captured, presumably to avoid secret Tok'ra information getting in the hands of Ba'al. O'Neill apparently does not remember anything from his period as host, and sadly now hates all the Tok'ra even more intensely than he did before.


Kanan is unpopular in much of Stargate SG-1 fandom, because of what he did while having Jack O'Neill as a host. Just as this lead to O'Neill hating the Tok'ra more, it seems to have made more people against the Tok'ra.

Inside Tok'ra fandom, the opinions of Kanan are mixed. The episode with him (Abyss), is often considered one of the worst episodes, because of the way the Tok'ra are depicted in it.

Kanan did something very un-Tok'ra; he supressed his host and did things against his will. However, many try to see it from Kanan's side also, and points out that it cannot have been easy having a host like O'Neill, who hate everything you stand for. This has lead to some fanfiction being written that look at the episode from Kanan's point of view.


There is little fanfiction written about Kanan, and almost all of it is 'Abyss', or the time just before it, seen from his point of view. There are some AU's were he survive, and even some where he and O'Neill eventually learns to accept each other and become friends. Fic are gen and ship.

Examples of Fanfic


  • Hope has a place Romance/Drama/drabble. O'Neill remembers Kanan. G/PG.
  • Kanan Angst/Drabble. Kanan's last thought before leaving O'Neill. G/PG.
  • Walked Right Out of the Machinery, Drama/AU, Epic fic about O'Neill and Kanan and their adventures. PG-13/R.
  • Indefinite Fusion PG, Angst, Kanan's thoughts just before taking O'Neill as a host.
  • Before the Abyss Drama, PG. The Tok'ra Kanan needed a new host, but he never expected he would have anything to learn from a Tau'ri, let alone the lesson that Jack would teach him.
  • Beyond the Abyss Drama/missing scene, PG. Tag and missing scenes for Abyss. What happened to Kanan after he abandoned Jack to Ba'al's tender mercies? Sequel to "Before the Abyss"
  • Out of the Abyss AU version of 'Abyss'. What would have happened if Kanan was unable to leave Jack O'Neill and instead stayed in him?, Drama, Angst, PG-13


  • An Old Friend Drama/Romance Jack's symbiote Kanan returns with news about an attack on earth. What will Kanan's return mean in the fight against Anubis, and what will it mean between Jack and Sam? PG-13 Some Sam/Jack
  • For My Beloved PG, Angst/Romance. A story on what had made Kanan decided to go after Shayla in the first place. Some Sam/Jack.
  • These four fics are all a series. Kanan is in them, but not in a very major role:
    • Oh, Crap Humour PG-13 Post-Frozen, before "Abyss". Jack and Kanaan meet up with mutual friends. Jack/Kanan/Anise
    • There He Goes Again Humour PG, Sequel to Oh, Crap. Kanan/Anise/Freya
    • The Power Of A Kiss Humour. PG, Sequel to There He Goes Again. A Tok'ra love tale about love (naturally), devotion, happiness... NOT. Kanan/Jack/Freya/Anise
    • The Light In Your Eyes PG-13, Romance. Sequel to The Power Of A Kiss, Jack/Freya
    • Saying Goodbye Jack/Freya Jack returns to Earth. PG-13, Romance

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