K/S (sonnet)

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Title: K/S
Creator: Name not given
Date(s): March 2015
Medium: computer[1]
Fandom: Star Trek
External Links: https://twitter.com/invalidFungus/status/580082688524062720
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K/S is a sonnet by the unnamed father of twitter & tumblr user Rory, written in 2015 for Rory's mother and accompanied by a screenshot from The Wrath of Khan.

Rory's father, in his 70s, was a regular writer of sonnets for his wife[2], and a bit of a Trekkie.[3] He had been searching the internet for information on Kirk and Spock and discovered the world of K/S slash. He began to share his newfound knowledge with his wife and members of his church.[4] The "K/S" sonnet was apparently the culmination of this activity.

Interestingly, Rory has said that "my mom hates star trek".[5]

Rory's tumblr post sharing the sonnet and the story of its inception has accumulated nearly 48 thousand notes.

Some months later, Rory shared that

Like me, my dad finds the culture of fandom pretty neat, even though he doesn’t know a whole lot about it! We haven’t really discussed slash and spirk a whole lot since then, mainly because he has been busy, but he’s pretty open to it. After he found out about slash, I did send him a couple of articles with more in-depth explanations of it. I don’t think I ever asked him his thoughts on the articles because he got caught up in work though!

My dad actually knew about shipping before this whole thing! A very basic idea of shipping, but he knew of it, haha. I had explained it to him a few years back when I had asked him to proofread a paper I did on what fanfiction was and how people created it. He thought it was pretty cool that people could be so creative with media like that.

[...]My mom actually got kind of annoyed with him because he would not stop explaining slash to her. But, I think she actually liked the sonnet? She was most likely amused by it at least, haha.[6]


Some speculate that Spock and Kirk are gay,
So close their bond, so strong their silent trust,
Their friendship, though, grows deeper than mere lust,
As they protect each other in the fray.
And so what, if the duo has that quirk?
Their principle of comradeship applies
As well to us in our own enterprise.
I love you more than Spock loves Captain Kirk.