Just Like The Rifle

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Name: Just Like The Rifle
Date(s): December 27, 2006[1]? - February 2011
Founder: Dana
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: http://fanfic.kaz-2y5.com/
Wayback Archived Copy
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Just Like The Rifle was a het and gen Supernatural archive which was part of KAZ-2y5.

"the exclusively het "Supernatural" fanfic archive! That's right, there's no slash allowed anywhere on here. So if you're looking for Sam/Sarah, Dean/Jo, Dean/Chloe, Sam/Buffy, or John/Mary, this is your place. We've also got all sorts of other pairings, and all ratings are permitted. If it's het and it's SPN, we've got it!

We do take gen pieces, as well, meaning stories that have no pairings, although OC-pairing related works are not allowed.

Please note that this site does contain writing that is of an adult nature and are for those 18 years of age or older. These stories will be labelled as such and there are warning pop-ups for these stories, but we are not responsible for minors who choose to read these works despite the warnings."


  • Pre-Series
  • Season One
  • Season Two
  • Season Three
  • Season Four
  • Future Fic - Stories taking place after the series.
  • Messing With Texas - Het 'fics featuring Jared, Jensen, and Jeff.
  • Fanfiction Contests - Stories written for the official challenges held on Rock, Paper, Scissors.