Juliana Valdes/Valentina Carvajal

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Pairing: Juliana Valdes/Valentina Carvajal
Alternative name(s): Juliantina
Gender category: femslash, F/F
Fandom: Amar a muerte
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: popular
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Juliana/Valentina, also known as Juliantina, is the femslash pairing of Juliana Valdes and Valentina Carvajal from the TV show Amar a muerte.



Juliantina is the juggernaut pairing of the Amar a muerte fandom. After the series ended in March 2019 a petition was started for a Juliantina spin-off, gaining over 55,000 signatures within a month.[1]

Fan engagement

As the fandom has grown exponentially since the character’s first kiss, the most unexpected thing has been the openness and gratitude which López and Achaga have embraced their fans. If you are in the fandom, you follow the girls on Twitter and Instagram waiting for what they will post that day. Behind the scenes photos and videos? Juliantina in bed selfie? Check. Shout outs to the fans for their support? Check. A special video for the fans of them in character, confirming their love as a rather difficult and angsty episode aired? Check. The young actresses are as appreciative of the fans as the fans are of them.[2]


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