Amar a muerte

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Name: Amar a muerte
Creator: Leonardo Padrón
Date(s): 29 October 2018 – 11 March 2019
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: Mexico
External Links: imdb
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Amar a muerte is a Spanish-language drama television series created by Leonardo Padrón and produced by W Studios y Lemon Studios for Televisa and Univision.

Principal photography began on 14 June 2018 and ended in December 2018. It premiered on Univision on 29 October 2018, and ended on 11 March 2019. In Mexico the series premiered on Las Estrellas on 5 November 2018, and ended on 3 March 2019.


The series is a complex story of destinies that intersect when a media mogul is assassinated on his wedding day, at the same time that an assassin in San Antonio, Texas is executed by electric chair. The tycoon's soul is reincarnated in the body of the hitman and, in turn, the killer's soul ends up in the body of a professor of anthropology. Now, each man will not only have to deal with a new body, but also adapt to a new soul.[1]



Femslash dominates the fandom, with Juliana Valdes/Valentina Carvajal, also known as Juliantina, being the juggernaut pairing.

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