Josh Lanyon & Catherine Dair talk Stranger Things Have Happened

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Josh Lanyon & Catherine Dair talk Stranger Things Have Happened
Interviewer: Prism Books Alliance
Interviewee: Josh Lanyon and Catherine Dair
Date(s): July 22, 2014
Medium: online
External Links: Josh Lanyon & Catherine Dair talk Stranger Things Have Happened; WebCite
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Josh Lanyon & Catherine Dair talk Stranger Things Have Happened is an interview with Josh Lanyon and fan artist Catherine Dair at "Prism Books Alliance."

Topics Discussed

  • fan art
  • lack of encouragement from fans about Lanyon fanfic in an anthology


Prism Book Alliance: Stranger Things have Happened combines Lanyon’s much loved Adrien English universe with Dair’s awesome artistic ability. Talk to me about how this pairing came to pass.

Josh Lanyon: Catherine had contacted me to show me AE fan art she’d done, and I was blown away. It seemed like synchronicity because I was toying with the idea of putting together an anthology of stories in the AE universe — but written by other authors. I thought it would be fun to add art to that, and that Catherine would be the perfect person to supply a few anchor works. But when I threw the idea out to readers they REALLY did not like it. In fact, I was taken aback by how disturbed and upset so many people were by the idea, so I abandoned it. But I had also been thinking about doing a Choose Your Own Adventure for Adrien, and I realized Catherine would be even more perfect for that particular project. And she was! It was hard to keep from asking her to do more and more pictures I was enjoying her work so much.

Catherine Dair – I read several of Josh’s books, and then tackled the Adrien English series. I cried my eyes out at 2 a.m. because of the storytelling (okay, and the ending because it was so amazing) of “The Dark Tide”; the emotion of it hit me that deeply. I decided I had to do fanart for it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t know if artists did fanart for m/m romances or not, but I had this great need to bring that particular scene to life because the writing was so powerful and the moment so vivid in my mind. So paint it I did, found Josh’s email and sent it to him. “Here! I did a thing for you!” I certainly didn’t expect anything to come of it. But Josh liked it! We started emailing and the rest is history.

PBA: Catherine, how did you get started drawing for m/m genre authors?

CD: My best friend is author Diana Copland and she writes in this genre, so I started with her books (no surprise). Then I asked her, “Who should I read next?” She told me, “Go find Josh Lanyon’s books” so once I started with his there was no turning back. See answer one! We can all thank Diana Copland, because she originally said to me “I think you should throw your artistic hat into this genre” and I replied, “Nah, nobody is going to like my art style.” She earned the “I Told You So Award” for sending me into a career that I am having the time of my life in. I’m buying her a frame for it.

PBA: Josh can you name 3 authors who inspire you and why? Catherine same questions but artists?

JL: Georgette Heyer for witty dialog, Joseph Hansen for tight, terse prose, Mary Renault for subtext