Jolinar of Malkshur

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Name: Jolinar of Malkshur
Occupation: Member of the Tok'ra
Status: deceased
Relationships: briefly hosted by Samantha Carter, previously hosted by Rosha, romantically involved with Lantash/Martouf
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Canon Background

Jolinar was an important and influential member of the Tok'ra resistance movement. She seems to have worked as an undercover agent among the Goa'uld often. Rosha was one of Jolinar's hosts, and she was very beautiful. According to Martouf, her eyes were the color of the waters of Marloon, and her hair the color of the sand of Abydos. For almost a century, Jolinar (and for at least some of that time, Rosha) was the mate of Lantash (and for at least some of that time, Martouf).


Rosha and Jolinar were prisoners of Sokar for a significant amount of time. She was badly tortured and imprisoned on Netu, a planet made to resemble Hell. Jolinar seduced Sokar's 'prison guard', Bynarr, and escaped by stealing a key to the transportation rings while he slept.

Jolinar later did something that made the System Lord Cronos send an ashrak (a Goa'uld assassin) after her. While fleeing from the ashrak, Rosha was killed and Jolinar took another host, a man. This was the first time she had ever had a male host. She stayed in this host for several months, laying low, before the planet was attacked and the host killed.

Jolinar escaped to a new host, Samantha Carter. She tried to convince Samantha Carter and the rest of SGC that she was a Tok'ra - a good Goa'uld, but did not manage to do so in time. The ashrak found her and used the hara'kesh (a weapon/torturing device) on her. She died to save Sam's life, but Jolinar has a lasting effect on Sam's canon character development; Sam retains her memories, feelings, and many of her abilities.

Known hosts

  • Rosha
  • A Nasyan man (first male host)
  • Samantha Carter


According to fandom, Jolinar may originally have been a Goa'uld, who chose to join the Tok'ra. The reason for this assumption is both the fact that her name contains the 'of Malkshur', and that (according to Teal'c) Jolinar once had an army that was about to defeat a System Lord until Apophis joined the fight.

Despite only having been in one episode, and seen in flashbacks in another (two-parter), Jolinar is a popular character in Tok'ra fandom and relatively much fanfiction has been written about her. Most of these are AUs were Jolinar survives in Samantha Carter, perhaps to leave her later (or die later), though many newer stories have her survive and Sam remain her host. There is also a little fanfic exploring the earlier part of Jolinar's life - both with Rosha as host and before, though neither is anywhere near as common.


Since Jolinar dies saving Samantha Carter, any fanfic about her is necessarily either AU or takes place before she dies (either during the brief time Sam is her host or much earlier).

Despite the fact that symbiotes does not have a gender (except queens), as stated by Martouf, Jolinar is always considered female.

There is relatively much Jolinar gen fic written, as well as mostly gen. There is often mention of her canon marriage to Martouf/Lantash, and there is little or no other het pairings written for her. Mostly het fics will be Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash, but there is a (very) few Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash fics written.

Examples of Fanfic


  • Compromised by Merryk Jolinar meets the SGC under different circumstances, and Sam is in for the time of her life. AU off In the Line of Duty. Epic. (slight Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash ship)
  • Changing Fate What if Sam hadn't visited Cassie?
  • Letting Go of the Past Sequel to Changing Fate
  • Price of Secrecy 1st part of the Price Trilogy. It is based on the idea of the NID getting their hands on Sam first so Sam and Jolinar remain blended
  • A Price Too High 2nd part of the Price Trilogy
  • Paid in Full 3rd Part of the Price Trilogy.
  • Jolinar Jolinar's POV from just before "In the Line of Duty" and all through it
  • Fugitive AU of the episode In the Line of Duty. What would have happened if Jolinar had found the ash'rak before he found her... PG S/M UST
  • Early Beginnings by Roeskva. This story is about the very early days of the Tok'ra. Originally there were no Tok'ra, and all symbiotes were Goa'uld. Why did some of them change and how did this change come to be? Jolinar background.
  • Symbiosis by Yvi. An AU of "In the Line of Duty" in which Jolinar was only hurt, not killed and Sam and Jolinar flee the base to not get into the hands of the NID. Mild Jolinar/Sam/Martouf/Lantash subtext.


  • The Fall of Setona by Roeskva. Preseries. Background for Martouf. Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash ship. NC-17
  • The Alternative Factor by Roeskva. AU for 'Lost City' part two. In an alternative reality, SG-1 was unable to reach the weapons platform at the Ancient outpost in Antarctica in time to save Earth from Anubis. Only Sam, Daniel, and Teal's survive. They manage to escape and use the quantum mirror to go to a reality where they have just died a short while ago. Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash ship. NC-17
  • Alive by Roeskva. Rosha/Jolinar have just returned from their ordeal at Netu. Lantash's POV. Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash ship.
  • Marloon by Roeskva. Small fluffy fic about Rosha/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash on a day off.