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Name: Joey Carston
Occupation: kid
Relationships: mother who is into EST and golf, father who is into hang gliding; she'd like to be in a relationship with Starsky, but he's not going for it.
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
joey #1 from "The Trap"
joey #2 from "Ninety Pounds of Trouble"
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Joey Carston appears in two episodes and is portrayed by two different actresses.

In "The Trap," Starsky and Hutch take her back to her parents' house after she shoplifts a watch. Joey is sent to her room by her ineffectual mother, and instead, Joey hides out in the back of The Torino. When Starsky and Hutch are trapped in a barn by a vengeful bad guy, it is discovered that Joey is there with them. Just before Joey escapes, Starsky promises to take her out on a date.

In "Ninety Pounds of Trouble," Joey comes to the station looking for Starsky, using the excuse of a fake crime. She ends up getting involved in a dangerous case and inadvertently blowing Starsky's cover.

A Few Facts About the Canon Joey

  • she steals and her parents don't seem to care
  • she comes from a wealthy family
  • she has a crush on Starsky
  • the first Joey was portrayed by Kristy McNichol, the second Joey by Mare Winningham

The Fanon Joey

Some Joey Fics

Some Joey Vids

Some Joey Art

It is non-existent.