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Pairing: Jim Moriarty / Molly Hooper
Alternative name(s): Molliarty, Jim/Molly, Moriarty/Molly
Gender category: m/f het
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Canonical?: Yes (sort of)
Prevalence: Small
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Jim/Molly, also known as Molliarty, is the semi-canonical relationship between Jim Moriarty and Molly Hooper on the BBC TV miniseries Sherlock.

Jim begins seeing Molly as a way to meet Sherlock Holmes. After he and Sherlock meet, he and Molly apparently have a fight and he stops answering his phone.


In the tie-in blogs between episodes two and three, Jim introduces himself to Molly after she accidentally mentions Sherlock's name in an entry.[1] The comments show that they meet for coffee, begin seeing each other, watch Glee together, and they flirt in the comments.[2]

Jim and his relationship with Molly are officially introduced in the third episode. When Molly introduces Jim to Sherlock, she refers to their relationship as an "office romance," but Sherlock quickly assesses Jim as "gay" - which Molly gets upset about. Jim confirms a date with Molly before leaving, but after he goes Molly learns that he slipped Sherlock his phone number.

In Molly's blog, she mentions that she and Jim had an argument, and she's concerned that he isn't answering his phone so she's going to the police.[3] This might play out in season two, since at about this same time Jim is confronting Sherlock at the end of the cliffhanger final episode.[4]


Fandom for Jim/Molly is rather small, as it is for all the het ships in the series. It has become more popular in recent years. The Molliarty Community on Tumblr is still very active.


Fan Art


Blogs and Communities


Loo Brealey reads Jim/Molly fic

The fanfic Secrets of Molly was read by Molly's actress Louise "Loo" Brealey who tweeted about it:[6][7]

Just found some porn fan fiction about my little Molly in #Sherlock getting her nipples pierced and showing #Moriarty a good time. Crivvens

Fandom interpreted the tweet as Brealey showing amusement, and fans were mostly amused in return. The fanfic author Emmyangua tweeted in reply with an apology saying she meant no offense,[8] and Brealey responded with encouragement to keep writing.[9]

Jim/Molly hints from Sherlock conventions, interviews and panels

During her panel at Sherlocked 2015, Molly's actress Louise "Loo" Brealey confirmed that Jim Moriarty and Molly Hooper had "full penetrative sex" when they were dating[10], and that Jim was better in bed than Tom[11]. At the same convention, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss kept calling Jim Moriarty "Molly's boyfriend"[12].


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