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Name: Jeconais
Type: Writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Naruto, X-Men, BtVS
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Jeconais is an author known for his Harry Potter romance fics, although he has also written fics for Naruto, X-Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He created the archive website


I admit, that for a guy, Jacanois writes some of the best if not tolerable romance out there, both because it is not overbearing or smothering, and usually has a nice steady plot with action or humor to balance of the mushiness.[1]
Jeconais has written a number of stories that essentially follow the same formula: Harry meets a girl, she helps him gain confidence, the pair destroys their enemies and live happily ever after. And it works: the stories are certainly entertaining to read, and if you're a sucker for happy endings like I am, you will definitely be satisfied.[2]


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