Jealousy (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: Jealousy
Author(s): Pat Terra
Date(s): January 1995
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Jealousy is an Avon/Vila, implied Avon/Tynus Blake's 7 story by Pat Terra.

It was published in Rebel Desires.

Reactions and Reviews

The worst thing about this fic is that Terra posits a world where the top grade in Federation society is not Alpha - it's not even Alpha Elite. It's Alpha Master - and thus Avon, full of regal grace, is referred to as Vila's master several times... etc . It's so bad (and she's used this naming convention other fics too. I remember it from Fire&Ice3). The second worst thing is that Bob Holmes wrote some great dialogue for 'Killer' and here it's butchered by terrible descriptions of the actors' (inc. Tynus) physical beauty and worse of Vila's emotional state - in-show he's at his peppiest in these scenes, rather than (in-fic) embarrassed, anxious, awkward and turned on. I also can't get excited about class issues in B7 - but then I do ship the two alpha males (not Avon/Tynus) - that said, I do enjoy the premise. The end is all right - but it also borrows a) Avon's dialogue to Anna and b) some dialogue about Blake when referring to how Avon loves Vila. Also - rather strangely, the layout switches from two columns to one column for the final two pages. [1]
Pat Terra's "Jealousy" revolves around a double deception, where Vila takes Tynus's place because he wants to know how Avon will react sexually to a fellow Alpha and then discovers that Avon actually recognised him all along. Terra combines hot sex with a deft handling of Vila's bedroom masquerade and then uses the situation to propel Avon and Vila through their class barriers into a more honest and satisfying relationship. [2]


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