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Name: Jasper Fforde
Also Known As:
Occupation: Writer
Medium: Novels
Works: Thursday Next, Nursery Crime, The Last Dragonslayer, Shades of Grey
Official Website(s): jasperfforde.com
Fan Website(s): Jasper Fforde at Wikipedia
On Fanlore: Related pages

Jasper Fforde is an English novelist best known for the Thursday Next series, the first of which is The Eyre Affair, published in 2001.

Views on Fanfiction

What are your thoughts on Fan Fiction and people making Thursday Next RPG's on the internet?

December 2010: After speaking to many Fanfictioneers and understanding the genre a litttle better, I have modified my opinion since writing the following. I still have no interest in reading any of it, but would regard it more as a celebration of writing rather than simple copying. The bottom line is that all creative writing is good, wherever it is, whoever does it, and whatever the subject, and nobody should attempt either conciously or unconciously to discourage those who wish to express themselves. Question: Is the Thursday Next series itself Fanfiction? Does the act of publication define Fanfiction? And how do we properly define publication?

I have featured Fanfiction in 'One of Our Thursdays is Missing'.

My thoughts on Fan Fiction are pretty much this: That it seems strange to want to copy or 'augment' someone else's work when you could expend just as much energy and have a lot more fun making up your own. I feel, and I think with good reason, very proprietorial about Thursday and all her escapades; clearly I can't stop you writing and playing what you want in private, and am very flattered that you wish to do so. But anything published in any form whatsoever - and that specifically includes the internet - I cannot encourage, nor approve of.

(I've already had one person complain that I had 'stolen' one of their ideas from a Thursday Next fanfiction site I knew nothing about!) [1]


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