Jarriere Ficathon

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Name: Jarriere Ficathon
Date(s): June 2005
Moderator(s): Mistral Amara
Founder: Mistral Amara
Type: fanfiction exchange
Fandom: Blake's 7
Associated Community:
URL: Jarriere Ficathon Index
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The Jarriere Ficathon (or Jarriereathon) was a Blake's 7 fanfiction exchange that focused on the minor character Jarriere, who appears in the episode 'Gambit' as Servalan's sidekick. It ran once in 2005 and was organised by Mistral Amara.

It's here at last, the long-awaited celebration of everybody's favorite guest powder-puff! It's The Jarriere Ficathon!
Join in and help us expand the body of fanfiction which recounts the myth behind the man. The rules are simple and the minimum wordcount is low (500 words / 50 days = 10 words per day; even dear Jarriere could manage that). ...
Note for those who may be a bit confused: Jarriere is Servalan's companion in the Blakes 7 episode, "Gambit". Speculation as to his true purpose runs the gamut, from Servalan's bodyguard to her hairdresser. Help solve the mystery! Watch "Gambit" and join in the ficathon at once![1]


Eight stories were written by eight authors:


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