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Name: Alice "Remi" Kruger
Occupation: Former Navy SEAL, FBI Consultant
Relationships: Jane Doe/Kurt Weller, Jane Doe/Oscar
Fandom: Blindspot
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In the first season of the show, Jane Doe is believed to be Taylor Shaw, Kurt Weller's childhood friend. However at the end of the first season Kurt finds Taylor's remains, and Jane is arrested. She is tortured for three months, and then brought back to the FBI. Soon, she learns from Sandstorm that she is really Alice Kruger, a child soldier from South Africa that was taken in and raised by Shepherd to be a key agent in Sandstorm.


Most of the fandom revolves around this character, as not only is she the main character, she has the least information about her. This allows writers to build almost anything they want and still have it possibly become canon


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