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Name: Jakface
Type: Fanartist
Fandoms: Dragon Age
URL: Jakface.tumblr.com
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Jakface is a popular artist in the Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 fandoms. In summer of 2011 [?], she began discussing creating a fan-calendar of Dragon Age characters. When it went on sale, it surpassed her expectations and reached over $10,000.[1] She donated $2,000 of the profits to Child's Play.[2][3]

She is the creator of the popular one-shot fan comic featuring Sassy Gay Hawke[4], a parody of the Sassy Gay Friend videos by The Second City Network. In July 2012, David Gaider, the lead writer of the Dragon Age series, contacted her and sent her a script he'd written of Sassy Gay Hawke.[5]


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