Jack Kelso

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Name: Jack Kelso
Location: Cascade
Status: alive
Fandom: Sentinel
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Jack Kelso appeared in "Rogue," a single episode of The Sentinel.

Despite his brief screen time, he often appears in fanfiction. Jack is a popular character, and almost always portrayed as extremely bright and helpful.

While Jack uses a wheelchair and is unable to walk, this is never really the focus of a story.


Jack gets little action and is pretty much paired with nobody.

Some Fiction Involving Jack

  • Seducing Sandburg by Dolimir (""As you have no doubt guessed by now I was a CIA operative. Three years ago, while on assignment in Kosovo, my partner and I were betrayed and we were gunned down and left for dead. I've read about your time in Peru, so I think you can understand what I was going through as I laid helplessly in the snow and watched my partner struggle to breathe. She lived for almost five hours before she bled to death. I still don't know why I survived or even who found me for that matter. All I remember is waking up almost two weeks later, paralyzed from the waist down."")
  • the Imperfections series by Dasha ("If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim?" Crossover with Monk and other fandoms.)

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