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Name: J2 & Kane Big Bang
Date(s): 2011 - 2012
Moderator(s): deadflowers5
Founder: deadflowers5
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Supernatural RPF, Supernatural
URL: j2-kane-bigbang, Archived version
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J2 & Kane Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Supernatural RPF/Supernatural fandom, focused on J2 and Christian Kane, or their characters. Authors had to write a minimum of 10,000 words, and artists had to complete minimum of one piece of art.



Title: Take a Step to the Right
Author: sweet_lyri
Artist: deannawesson
Fandom: Kane RPS
Rating: R
Warning: None
Word Count: 28,000+
Beta: jesco0307 and anntarot
Summary:Everyone's in love with Spirit Boy - or at least, they're in love with his voice. As the owner and one of the presenters of KCJD Radio station, Chris Kane gets to do the thing he loves best - sing his songs - while hiding behind the on air persona he's created for himself. No one knows who Spirit Boy is - or any of the presenters at the station - and that's just how Chris likes it. But then he meets Steve, and he realizes that maybe it's time he put himself in the spotlight.

Title: The Best of Us
Author: kennagirl
Artist: chef_geekier
Fandom: CW/Kane RPS
Rating: R
Warning: character death
Word Count: 14,000+
Beta: flyingsoftly
Summary: Jensen should be here. Jensen should be laughing at the stupid jokes Chris tries to pass off as funny. Jensen should be smiling when his mama tells him he needs to eat some of her mashed potatoes. Jensen should be attached at the hip to Jared. Jensen should be here. But Jensen's not here. And Jared and Chris are trying to find their way through it.

Title: Deep Blue Yonder
Author: james, (gilascave)
Artist: deannawesson
Fandom: Kane RPS, Leverage RPS, Supernatural RPS
Pairing(s): Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mild violence
Word Count: 13,650
Beta: katbcoll
Summary: Christian is a fighter pilot serving in deep space in the fight against the invading Tlantlen. Steve is his ship tech and friend. Everyone else thinks there's more to it.

Title: Bridge of Broken Souls
Author: ladycrystal_c
Artist: sm0kingbunny
Fandom: Supernatural slash
Pairing/Rating : Sam/Dean - NC-17
Other characters : Jessica, John, Missouri
Word count : 16,100
Beta: genevieve_1
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Established relationship, Hurt!Dean, Protective!Sam
Warnings: Underage flashbacks (Sam is 17), mentions of suicide, sibling incest
Summary: Almost four years since their painful separation, and another January 24 has gone by. When Dean unexpectedly reappears in Sam’s life, he only wants help locating their missing father, but for Sam, nothing has changed. After a perilous case reveals secrets Sam never suspected, Sam sets out to change the course of Dean’s life, prepared to drag his duty-bound brother away from danger for a second time if he has to.

Title: Like a Skippin' Stone
Author: ranua
Artist: weaselett
Fandom: Kane RPF
Rating: teen +
Disclaimer: In a metaphysical sense all we can really lay claim to is ourselves. Even then, not so much. This is a work of fiction. No harm, no foul if you please.
Warning: May contain the following: swearing, minor in a sexual situation, schmoop
Word Count: 16,195
Beta: kadams27*
Summary: 17 year old Christian Kane is hitch-hiking across America to escape a future he doesn't want. 16 year old Steve Carlson is on the run from a past he'd rather not think about. When Christian saves Steve from a mugging it's the start of something neither of them knew they were looking for. Sometimes, home is where you find it.

Title: Help Me Remember
Author: mutedbyfear
Artist: charlies_dragon
Fandom: Kane RPS
Rating: PG13 for swearing
Warning: Angst... yep that's pretty much it....
Word Count: 10,500
Beta: celtprincess13
Disclaimer: It's not true, I wish it were but it's not....
AN1: Inspired by the Rascal Flatts song 'Help me remember'
AN2: Thanks to sheryden for actually encouraging me to write in the first place & pointing out that sign ups for this were still open & to the following [info]badfalcon* suzieconfused & [info]jesco0307 for hand-holding & encouragement
Summary: Steve just wants to remember when their relationship was good and life didn't get in the way. Christian hopes that they haven't come to the end of a long road. An argument, a drunken night out and a woman means that they are both left broken-hearted

Title: Let's Pretend the Fog Has Lifted
Author: ghostwriter056
Artist: reapertownusa
Fandom: Supernatural (All Human AU)
Pairing: John/Dean (unrelated)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Abuse of a minor by an adult (Dean and an OMC), homophobic language,consensual relationship between a minor and a school administrator (Dean is however above the age of consent, though under 18), violence and non-con (perpetuated by an OMC)
Word Count: ~22,000
Beta: Thanks to my RL friend, Ally, for the beta and for not judging my fandom interests lol.
Summary: John Winchester joined the priesthood after his tour in Vietnam. Now he’s been relocated to his home town to take over a Lawrence parish. Dean Smith is the son of John’s high school sweetheart. His father abuses him and Mary seeks John’s aide in helping Dean (very loosely based on the play/film Doubt)

Title: When I See You Smile
Author: anntarot
Artist: tularia
Fandom: RPS/Kane/J2
Rating: Mature 15+
Warning: slight medical procedures, swearing
Word Count: 41 278
Beta: Kaetrin and sweet_lyri
Summary: Christian is discharged from hospital after life saving surgery and into the hands of home care nurse Jensen. But it takes more healing than Jensen’s qualified to give to get Christian well again. Can Jensen find the one person in the world who can fix Christian’s broken heart? Can Jensen find Christian’s absent lover Steve?

Title: No More Dreaming of the Dead
Author: melodious329
Artist: angelstoy
Fandom: Angel the Series
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Violence, language, explicit sexual content
Word Count: 14,360
AN: This was written for the monophobia square on my hurt/comfort bingo. Thank you to jesco0307and deanangst for helping me with the facts about the show. This is for luminous_mortal's love for Lindsey McDonald
Summary: Takes place after the episode Dead End in Season Two. Lindsey McDonald was supposed to have left LA after destroying Wolfram & Hart’s body parts lab, but Angel finds him a few weeks later in a demon’s lair. Convinced that the evil law firm is still after Lindsey, Angel takes him back to the hotel while they figure out what to do. But Lindsey isn’t recovering, and Cordelia’s still pissed at Angel for firing them, and Wesley’s constantly pissed at Angel for usurping his authority. Maybe all they need is to relearn some trust.

Title: Untamed
Author: sheryden
Artist: ladytiferet
Fandom: Kane RPS
Pairings Christian/Steve, background Jensen/Jared
Rating: PG-13
Warning: References to violence, minor language
Word Count: 17700
Beta: jesco0307
Summary: Western AU. Christian is a ne’er-do-well living in the Wild West who gets caught up with outlaw Jeff. When he meets city boy Steve, can Steve convince him that he can

Title: Again, With Feeling
Author: sinestrated
Artist: smut_slut
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Jared/Jensen (main), some Jared/Genevieve, past Jensen/Danneel, and background Steve/OFC and Chris/OFC
Words: ~30,000
Warnings: None(!), except for the use of a few tropes that seem to be pretty common in J2 fic.
Notes: I almost dropped out of the challenge because I wasn’t happy with this fic. I like the plot, but some parts of the writing still don’t sit well with me. I’m releasing it anyway because I figure, if at least one person enjoys it, it’ll be worthwhile.
Summary: Bartender-turned-unofficial-matchmaker Jensen makes up for his own impoverished love life by helping his friends find dates. But when slightly awkward grad student Jared comes into his life, Jensen finds himself dealing with emotions he thought he’d never feel again. Terrified of commitment ever since a traumatic break-up three years ago, Jensen must decide whether or not to risk everything and take the plunge, not knowing if Jared will be there to catch him.

Title: Keepin' It Vaguely Imaginary
Author: meh_forget_it
Artist: chef_geekier
Fandom: CWRPS
Rating: R (ish)
Warning: Mild angst? OOCness – Shy!Jared, Manic!Jensen, total crack, creative liberties used in reference to mental health workers.
Word Count: 33,283 words
Summary: Jared is lucky enough to get his dream job upon graduating as a fully qualified psychiatrist. He's also lucky enough to have a best friend insane enough to follow him half way across the country to go to said job. His luck runs out on his first day, it would seem.

Title: Shake, Rattle, & Roll—Part Two
Author: rainyrocket
Artist: engel82
Fandom: Supernatural (RPF)
Warnings: unintenionally watersports, handcuffs, bottom!Jared, bottom!Jensen, top!Jared, top!Jensen
Spoilers: Up to Season 6.
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 10,267 (total)
Beta: serenity (a RL friend, we just made up her name ;))
Summary: It's Season Five on the Supernatural set, and Jared and Jensen haven't talked to each other since day one. Except when they do, when they're alone and handcuffs are nearby, because that's how everything started: A set of handcuffs, too much beer, and celebrating SPN's Pilot. Takes place during Season One to Six


Title: I Want My Life Back
Author: sadwal1538
Artist: evian-fork
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Misha, Jared/OMC
Fandom: SPN RPF, AU
Genre: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jensen and Jared have been together for years, longer than either can really remember. Lately they've been fighting...a lot. After a comment that he didn't really mean, Jensen wakes up in a place that is nothing he knows, married to a man he doesn't know. How will he get back to the life he knows with the man he wants to be with?

Title: But You Just Can't Find The Words
Author: sweet_lyri
Artist: evian_fork
Fandom: J2 RPS
Rating: NC-17
Warning: M-Preg (Past, and nothing graphic is really mentioned, but it is the whole point of the fic)
Word Count: 55,000
Betas: sassangelandyohkobennington
Summary: Jared and Jensen have been fooling around for years, but when Jared suddenly announces he's moving to Tokyo, Jensen can't really find the words that would make him want to stay. So, after one last, perfect night together, Jared flies out of Jensen's life. But not without leaving something for Jensen to remember him by. Fast forward four years, and Jared is back, tired of living a lie. But Jensen's life has changed so much in the last four years that he doesn't know if there's room for him anymore. And Jensen has a secret that could put an end to the whole thing.

Title: Best Interest At Heart
Author: YanzaDracan
Artist: Tiggeratl1
Fandom: RPS (KANE & SPN), Person of Interest, SWAT, Law & Order: LA, The Bourne Legacy
Rating: R
Warning: Implied torture; language
Word Count: 19,265
Summary: The Machine always protected The Creator, but when numbers began to appear in other parts of the country, The Creator and The Human Protector could not be in these other places so The Machine found a solution. It found The Sorcerer and The Guardian.

Title: Your Voice is a Splinter Inside Me
Author: stella_lost
Artist: terrorinyertub
Fandom: Leverage, Supernatural RPS, Supernatural, Kane Band RPS
Rating: R
Warning: medical setting, character study – Eliot Spencer, infidelity (not by JA or ES), angst, m/m situations, suicidal thoughts, talk of violence (mild), talk of an auto accident (after the fact), burn injuries, hurt/comfort, disabilities (both visible and non-visible), all televised Leverage episodes thru 5.10
Word Count: 28,700
Beta: smalltrolven
Summary: Eliot Spencer knew that his life had changed the minute he opened his eyes and found himself confined to a hospital bed in a Third World country with no voice, no way to contact the team, no recollection on how he got there and only one apparent way out. He learns that disabilities, no matter how great or small, can be just as devastating when he meets Jensen Ackles, a physical therapist with some pretty big secrets of his own. But who is saving who? And does it really matter when you find that who you were before does not always mean that is who you’ll always have be?

Title: Accidentally Married
Author: sheryden
Artist: sigrundora
Fandom: Kane RPS
Disclaimer: These people don't belong to me, and the story within is just the fruit of my vivid imagination.
Pairings: Christian/Steve
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language. This is Kane we're talking about.
Word Count: 14400
Summary: AU. After a weekend trip to Las Vegas and a whirlwind romance, Christian comes home married to Steve, a man he's only just met. Can the two of them find a way to make their new marriage work, or will they lose what might be a real chance at happiness?

Title: Hand Print On My Heart
Author: ranua
Artist: kadams27
Fandom: Kane RPS AU fusion with Supernatural
Rating: teen and up for language and concepts
Warning: drug use, rape
Word Count: 17,600
Beta: nelle816
Disclaimer: If I owned 'em, well, that's a pretty picture now ain't it? Too bad it's all in my head.
Summary: Sequel to last years 'Like a Skippin' Stone'. They left Richardson, Texas for Picken, Oklahoma, but they left change in their wake. Jensen has a plan for his life. Too bad plans never survive their first engagement with the enemy, especially when that enemy is yourself.

Title: Fall at Your Feet
Author: anntarot
Artist: kadams27
Fandom: Kane RPS
Rating: PG
Warning: swearing
Word Count: >73 000 (25 chapters)
Beta: kadams27 and sweet_lyri
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and is not intended to be a reflection on the real lives of any person who's name and face I've stolen. I've never met Steve Carlson or Christian Kane. This is just a fantasy.
Author notes: This is a sequal to last years BBfic When I See you Smile. I'm told that this fiction stands alone but feel free to brush up on that one before you launch into this one. I'm not a chef, I'm not American, I'm not male. However, I was an alcoholic. I've been sober for nine years now. I did have an American Chef lined up to read over this for me but I haven't heard from her since super storm Sandy hit. I do hope everythng's ok for her. But I take responsibility for my mistakes (all of them).
Summary: Hi, my name is Steve Carlson and I've done some despicable things in my time and nothing more low than running out on my long term boyfriend while I was drunk. Yes, there was a fight and yes, there were acusations of cheating, but I ran out and he never stopped me. Here it is two and a half years later and I've sobered up, I've sorted out my life and won an award for my cooking skills. Yay me. But it all means nothing without Christian by my side. So I'm back in LA and trying to work up the courage to face my friends and my old life. But most of all I'm here to win Christian back and no one is going to hate that more than Jared and Riley. I have to admit I made mistakes, I just hope they're prepared to listen.