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Name: J/C Webring
Date Founded: (?)
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Focus: Janeway/Chakotay
URL: http://hub.entertainmentrings.com/hub/jcwebring
Webring banner, this version featuring an animated gif

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The J/C Webring was a webring connecting fansites focusing on the Star Trek: Voyager pairing of Janeway/Chakotay.

Member Sites

  • Always On My Mind
  • Ancarett's Star Trek Voyager Station
  • Anneke & Ute's J/C Page
  • Avalon Online--Voyager FanFic
  • Camilla's Heart and Soul Page
  • The Captain's Bridge
  • Captain Kate
  • The Captain's Bridge
  • Captain on the Bridge
  • The Chakotay Quotient
  • Cloud Nine
  • Coral And Becky's J/C Page
  • Defined Parameters
  • Your Destiny's Fanfic
  • Erin_Cale's Scifi Fanfic
  • Fanfiction by Becca O
  • Fate Works in Mysterious Ways
  • Gill's Janeway and Chakotay Page
  • Gina's J/C fan Fiction
  • Janeway and Chakotay, Forever
  • The Janeway/Chakotay Shrine
  • Janeway/Chakotay Story Index
  • JC Episode Addition Story Index
  • J/C in '96
  • The J/C Scrapbook
  • J/C Visual Archive
  • JCUK Homepage
  • JCUKjnr Homepage
  • The Jet Cafe
  • The Official JetCJr Homepage
  • JoJo's JC Garden of Eden
  • Kate's Star Trek Homepage
  • The Kathryn and Chakotay Universe
  • Kesprytt Couple
  • Lesley Rebecca's J/C Page
  • Linda Binder's Voyager Stories
  • Malabath's Page
  • MergeZ's Fan Fiction
  • Monkee's Place
  • Opium Garden
  • Peace Rose
  • The Purple Comet - A J/C Fanfic Contest‎
  • PT Wedding page
  • Remember When: A Saimhe's Altered Reality Site
  • Sacred Temple of the Eternal Flame
  • Sam's Fanfic
  • Trekker Treats
  • Utopia Jetcia s
  • Voyager HomeWorld
  • Your Cruise Director's Love Boat