Itsuki Minami/Akito Wanijima

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Pairing: Ikki/Akito
Alternative name(s): Ikki/Agkito
Gender category: yaoi
Fandom: Air Gear
Canonical?: One-sided
Prevalence: Moderate
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Itsuki Minami/Akito Wanijima is a yaoi ship between Ikki and Akito Wanijima from Air Gear. Some fans prefer to refer to the ship as Ikki/Agkito to indicate they're counting Agito in it. Fandom is split on treating Akito and Agito as separate characters which is partially responsible for this, others just ship both of them with Ikki.


Akito canonically has a crush on Ikki, kissing him three times in canon and making countless sexual advances. Despite Ikki's lack of romantic or sexual interest in him, they become close friends, arguably becoming Ikki's closest friend in Kogarasumaru.


The ship tends to be popular as a draw point to the series, due to Akito being canonically gay. Despite this, the ship isn't particularly prevalent in the actual fandom.

Fandom tends to characterise Akito as sweeter than he is in canon, often to the extent of woobification.


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